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  1.  very light very small


    i have this camera and its awsome, its very small very light and very easy to use, the only draw back is the battery is a bit rubish, it will only run for aroun 1 hr 30 minutes, so i would sugest buying another battery, but dont let that put you off, i can fit this unit in my coat pocket without it bieng to bulky so for instance i went to london to see something and i did not need a bulky camera bag, i just put this unit in my pocket.

  2.  Blue Screened my PC


    as the title says, i have a nvidia 8800gtx with 4 gig of ram ect ect 1 tb of hard disk space and this seems to blue screen with latest nvidia drivers, the is a shame because this add on had potential, if you look at the EA forum you will notice a lot of people complaining about this paticular problem, i would consider this a major factor before buying this, EA have droped the ball on this one and its a damn shame because so far the Sims series have been spot on.

  3.  I brought this and i loved it


    i brought this when i got my PSP Lite, although i have only played 3 games on my psp i am glad i added this to my collection, i have only played it for around 8 hours but i did like everything about it, i used to play DnD and i love the rules, its not like neverwinter night so do not confuse this with anything like that.

    its a slow turn based movement combat game, the rules are based on the Hardcore rules of Dnd, and when you start you have lvl 1 charecters that cannot hit a barn door with a sledge hammer (so bear this in mind when playing it) but to be honest that was just like the paper based game when you first started. the graphics are very good in my opinion, the lighting affects are top notch and the sound and music is prety good and not annoying.

    i read some online reviews giving it a prety poor grade but i put this down to the reviewer not knowing the dnd rules and basically not being entertained within the first 10 mins.

    charecter generation is just like creating a charecter in the paper based game, it can be long winded but it does give you the option to let the computer autoselect a lot of the atributes, i did not bother because i have played DnD and i knew what i wanted.

    on the box it says 40+ hours but i am hoping for more :-)

    i am guesing i will be playing over and over again, i recon this game will be good for long journey's or buss rides ect, its just a shame i drive really :-)

    i will be taking this one with me on holliday.