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  1.  Excellent but...


    Well first of the game is remastered from the old series (MK, MK2 etc) none of the PS2 MK's with the alternative fighting stances which was confusing.
    Just a typical fighter, the graphics as you would expect are nicely rendered and gory!! New and improved fatalities, although not many variety for the characters.
    The fighting system is good, allows you to chain together whatever combos you want (juggling) mixing fighting combos with special moves.
    The challenge tower is back, quite challenging but majority are pretty straight forward with trial and error. Krypt is a bit of a let down, I was expecting more content, once you unlock everything the koins you collect are basically useless.
    If you're into achievements there is one ridiculous trophy they've put in; mastering all characters which literally will take ages to do unless you grind it out.

    However all in all, this MK has come back with a bang!! Great revival from a great fighting game I feel. Worth having for any fighting gamer.

  2.  Good but repetitive


    This game is good for those that like sandbox games, doing what you want and when you want, the world map is actually gigantic and varied; cities, jungles, deserts, mountains the lot.
    Although the activities are all pretty much the same, you go around blowing up military property in different locations of varied sizes.

    The story is mediocre... not great and not very long.

    I give it 3 and a half stars!

  3.  Great tech!!!!


    This kit is good for those who have young children or frequent family gatherings, along with the the xbox kinect it almost makes the wii obsolete and outdated with the power of the gfx in the ps3 and xbox.

    The move is still in its early days and with more variety of games coming soon it'll only get better!

  4.  Better then the AvP series!!


    The movie is quite good, a lot of action and gore, supplemented with a decent story as these people are put on this planet; who put them on isn't known! and fending the predators off in this cat and mouse movie!
    It is definitely worth a watch if its on offer!

  5.  Good gameplay and graphics!!


    Brilliant game after the disappointment of the first one, really nice graphics as you would expect from this game.
    Multiplayer is where its at, would keep you occupied long enough!!!

  6.  Fallout 3 but in Vegas baby!


    For those who have played Fallout 3, it adds a little more depth to the original like being able to modify your weapons, choose different ammo, and of course gamble!
    It is still fallout at the end of the day, free roaming do-as-you-like game!

    I felt the story is a bit short, but allows different endings which makes up for the length of the game

    A recommended buy if you're a fallout fan, even if you're new to the game it has no link to the previous so give it a go,

  7.  Does what it says


    Bought it as part of the two for 25 deal - can't ask for much more from a remote thats suppose to control the play/pause/fast forward/etc features of a dvd/blu-ray.
    Only down part is it looks a bit chunky and feels kind of cheap, apart from that does what its made to...

  8.  A good laugh


    The film isn't epic but isn't the worst film. definitely for those who enjoy an element of rom-com, not a great deal of rom though.
    The comedy is mediocre but still provides a few giggles on a night in, so definitely recommend for a few quid.

  9.  Give it a go!


    If you've played Fallout 3 than its quite similar - post-apocalyptic world, scavenging for ammo (used as currency and bullets in the game)
    Unlike fallout, metro 2033 is very much based underground in the darkness. the lighting is brilliant as the monsters scurry and jump from ledge to ledge in the shadows before attacking.

    For the price it is definitely worth buying - make sure to install steam when prompted

  10.  Wicked film!! with added humour


    Iron man is brilliant, even though i never read the comics i really enjoyed this film.
    From the beginning to the end it had u gripped on the story, with the added twist of whos the real villian is in the background!
    Action packed and funny at times, for the price you cant go wrong