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  1.  Very Addictive!!


    Ok everyone is gonna compare this to the ps3 version and my personal thoughts are i find this game very addictive. Graphics are very impressive and smooth.The controls are easy to get to grips with this is how cod should be played in my opinion just like the ps3 version apart from you use the touchscreen to throw the grenades or smoke bombs now ive not looked in the settings to see if this can be changed but to be honest i prefer it this way its easy to master and you can start to enjoy playing this game on the go wherever you are. Also the screen is big enough to see your soldiers and to see your enemy i got to admit i were slightly worried that the screen would be a bit too small for this type of game i was wrong overall this game deserves a 10/10 a must buy for any cod fans or 1st person shoot em ups

  2.  Amazing!


    Ok for me this film took a while to get going for the first hour then once it got going i was amazed with the effects and the 3d especially with the fight scenes, totally incredible. This is a film to show off in front of your mates for the 3d alone. Michael Bay has certainly gone to town with the effects in this film. Excellent purchase in my opinion.

  3.  Great film, shame about 3d.


    Watched this over xmas and really did enjoy this film, good story where it dont baffle you too much easy to get into and the quality is really impressive. As for 3d its totally pointless wished i watched it in normal nothing pops out one bit if you have seen "clash of the titans" 3d and enjoyed that then you will enjoy the 3d in this film. Its good you get the other discs with this. I kinda wished i watched it just on normal blueray but never mind, overall a really good purchase as you get more than 1 copy i havent lost out just because the 3d is poor i just watch it normal next time round.

  4.  Very funny


    This film is very funny, great cast and a decent story. Its one of the funniest films ive seen in a while. rent it first before you buy not everyone has the same of sense of humour. Its certainly not a family film by any means.

  5.  Miles ahead of cod


    I love this game story mode is superb, excellent story, graphics are pin sharp and multiplayer is amazing. If this goes head to head with mw3 Battlefield comes out on top, driveable vehicles in multiplayer too. I dont feel ripped of when i play this game not like mw3, people behind mw3 should be learning from this game. GOTY!

  6.  Still Funny as ever!


    Went to see this tonight with my partner & we were laughing our heads off amongst all the other people that were there. A total sell out not a spair seat in sight. All new material with jokes you can relate to in life, Still my favourite comedian ever that doesnt need to be crude all the time to be funny. One to put on my xmas list by the time this comes out, absolutely superb!

  7.  No red cards available


    This is a decent looking game but dont find it realistic as ive been doing really bad tackles in and out of penalty area but yet to get any red cards, thats the only down side to this game ive found other than that its a decent game. Players look alot realistic this time out also.

  8.  Not much racing


    This is one of my favourite films this year, excellent story line with full on action from start to finish ok not much racing but more of a storyline with excellent stunts. The blue ray quality is amazing! overall 10/10 what a film this is!!

  9.  Loved it!


    I have to say i was impressed 3d is amazing on this ok not much pops out at you on this film but when they do very impressive you feel like your in the movie along with the characters. Good story line not over complicated with good effects and the quality of picture is amazing as you would expect, better than last one in my opinion. Good one for the family to enjoy!

  10.  Love it !


    I got this album for my birthday and im absolutely loving it. If you like The Corrs then this album is for you. Songs are very catchy you're find yourself humming to them. Overall 10/10