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  1.  TANK!..Run!...smokers got me! too late, hunter finished me


    Never gets boring, evertime you play it turns out different ever time. Playing with mates is an absolute riot!
    Simply put! Ive been playing this and only this for the last 3 months and havent got bored yet! And Valve have also announced some new downloadable content coming soon. Cant wait!.
    Valve do it again! they know how to make proper fun classics!.
    Yes the solo campain is next to useless but it was designed to be played online! Dont let that put you off because after a few hours of online play you should love it.

  2.  Reason to buy a PS3 = MGS4, Reason to buy a 360 = GOW2.


    Wow, wow, wow. Gears 2 does what Metal Gear 4 does for the PS3,
    Immense, superbly deep story that just draws you in and in for more.
    Like many people have said in there own comments, theres been so many dissapointments this year! Farcry 2, The force unleashed etc etc. Gears 2 has come along and saved the day.
    Gears 2 is certainly the game of the year 2008 for me.

  3.  Fantastic Console, some down points for me.


    Its a great looking console, the Playstation network is nice and easy to use. The games on PS3 are very slightly better graphically than the Xbox360 but not by much!
    Exclusive games to PS3 like MGS4, Uncharted etc are reasons alone to buy a PS3. AND Blu-ray is definatly the way to go.
    The down points for me:
    If you buy the latest 80gb PS3 you will soon discover that you cannot play PS2 games which is a really bad thing, and online multiplayer games are not as easy and good as the Xbox360.
    Xbox360 Live is far superior to the PS3 network. And thats a fact.
    Thats why i give the PS3 4/5 simply because of the multiplayer aspect.

  4.  Demo only. But wow!


    Wowwee, i think we may have a game of the year on our hands, i knew that this game was getting alot of credit on Tv shows ive been watching!
    At last, an FPS that looks and feels truly next gen, its absolutly visually stunning and action packed., you really feel like your the character (Faith) very very Matrix feeling to it.
    But lets see how the real thing turns out.!.

  5.  Great pedigree, dissapointing sequal.


    Dont get me wrong this is far from a bad game, it just feels like its missing something major!
    I love the graphics, action and freedom to roam around but the story and missions are crap!
    Farcry 1 was an amazing and still is an amazing game! Farcry 2 has no connection to the first at all! super soldiers or the creatures and twists from the original, all gone. Which i loved.
    Unfortunatley Farcry 2 is a Far-cry from the brilliant Farcry 1.
    So much hype and expectation only to be let down again.
    Multiplayer is not good enough, theres still far far better online games.
    Or well, now i see why Crytek pulled away from the Farcry franchise.

  6.  Not the best and not the worst, Another average FPS Sadly.


    Its just like any other FPS, Slightly better than HAZE but thats about it really!.
    The enemy A.I. is terrible, the aiming controls are terrible and the character physics are not great! But the dinosaurs do look very good.
    The only fun part of combat is using the Bow and knife to take out enemies.
    Just another average FPS. Say no more!.

  7.  Better than i thought!


    The only other game you can compare with this is the much older COD3 which i think brothers in arms has beaten hands down with hells highway!. Or and Medal of Honor which was a big let down!.
    Definatly worth its money, great story and puts you right in the thick of world war 2, giving the player even more feel to what these guys went through during this dark time.
    Cover system is fantastic and the fact that a wooden fence wouldnt protect you from gun fire and would just fall apart is a great realistic feel to the game.
    My only bad comment is the graphics! the character modelling is not the best every seen! the characters can look a little life-less.
    I actually traded in The Force Unleashed for this game and im glad i did. 4 stars because of the graphics, otherwise 5/5.

  8.  Fantastic. The best FPS on PC since the Half-life trilogy.


    A brilliant edition to the crysis saga, great story, amazing graphics and super addictive gameplay.
    Warhead runs a lot nicer than the first crysis, they've really worked hard on getting it to run on most people's different spec pc's setup and it works well.
    Im not sure why alot of people have complanied about the installation, i had no issues at all. It installed smothly.
    And despite what some people have said, there's more and some great improvements with the multiplayer, you get an extra disc with a new online game pack.
    The only bad point for me is please bring back nomad, as i dont like sgt sykes aka psycho!.

  9.  Strange bad score from Gamespy! WHY?


    I must admit! ive played the demo more than any other demo before and never got bored of it! just wanted more and more! Been able to unlease jedi powers in the most fantastic way any star wars gamer have been dreaming of! and a film production deep story.
    So what are you complaining about Gamespy??? what did you ecpect?

  10.  Epic, mind blowing, action packed, a marvel in gaming.


    I didnt really get into the last few Metal Gears but this is something else, Believe the hype and the full star reviews, this is an amazing achievment in gaming advancement.
    Yes! the game has a hell of alot of cut scenes but ive really been enjoying the cut scenes just as much as playing it.
    There really isnt anything outthere to compete with this epic game!
    I own the XBOX 360 too and im a huge Gears Of War player, but even GOW doesnt match up to this, graphics, physics etc etc.
    Just WOW.
    How anybody can give this any less than 5 stars is beyond me! WHY WHY???