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  1.  HAHAHA


    There are points when watching this series that you will come close to wetting yourself with excitement. Tonnes of extras and awesome value for such a funny series.

  2.  The best Single Player Shooter this year!


    Bioshock can not be put into words that make any concievable sense. Instead I shall make an analogy. Its like finding a tenner on the floor, you would be like "wow, imagine if i wasn't looking at the floor, i'd have missed a free tenner!"
    Bioshock is that free tenner, only a fool would think twice about picking up this game after having played it. It is simply that good.

  3.  RPG of the year!


    So much scope, Bioware deliver the goods. A sotry that's compelling, characters you can fully interact with, lightyears spent traversing alien worlds and millions of ways to customise your kit, this game is definately not a one-nighter.
    Comparing this to a game like oblivion is silly, Mass Effect is more of a movie-game than solely RPG experience. Think of Metal Gear Solid with a bit of Final Fantasy with the gameplay of Knights of the old Republic. Oblivion lasts most people thousands of hours, whereas mass effect weighs in at a still rather impressive 60 hours on the first play through. Of course there are many more playthorughs to be made but that depends on how you are as a gamer.
    Graphics are sublime and put any game out on consoles this year to shame. However the games only letdown is in the graphical bugs that noticably crop up at silly moments. These glitches won't depress you though as the game runs smoothly and you'll have a blast playing it.
    Just make sure that you aren't an impatient Halo fan looking for a quick fix, this is a single player game only that requires you to use your head quite a lot so cretins beware!

  4.  Ideal for PC and games consoles, the ultimate gaming monitor


    Works perfectly with my Xbox 360, going to hook it up to a PS3 next year because its such a good picture.
    3000:1 contrast really shows, not noticably different from my samsung with an astonishing 8000:1, for a fraction of the price. Talking specs again, good response time, its an HD monitor that acts as a TV also with an imput for an ariel. Composite and standard video and SCART imput for your ps2s wiis 360s ps3s and what-have-you. VGA input pretty useful if you want this for a PC monitor. The audio speakers are a mere 6 watts but for a small room this shouldn't matter at all, especailly when theres a headphone output too.
    Sleek black shiny finish, ergonomic and simple to set up. Remote control useful for some people. It can be rotated but this moves around the cables as well, and the power cable is rather easy to slip out. But clearly i am knit picking now, in terms of sheer quality for money you get more than you pay for here. LG are a good brand name and deliver the goods here. If your looking for something to play your games on, a PC monitor or a TV this size then this is the only option that is flawless in all these areas.
    Good luck and happy shopping!

  5.  Different is better sometimes, especailly with Forza 2.


    Perfect in all respects as a racing game. With but 2 exceptions:
    Content- I know theres a lot but i'd like to see more. GT5 is going to hit shelves with many more cars and tracks and Forza will have to compete with this. However, downloadable content is there for the hardcore racer.
    Gameplay(Handling)-Graphics...Check, Sound...Check, awesomness... Check. What about the Gameplay? Realism is what all racing games have strived for. Forza 2 has cracked the enigma, this is the most realistic driving game ever made. But that is where (in my opinion of course) it falls down. If i wanted to drive around corners carefully and not speed up as i turn i'd do so in a real car. In forza 2 you find yourself more prudent than ever with your speedo, and for a RACING game, where speed is but a state of mind, this can come as a shock to some people. Buyer Beware. Oh wait, its £17.99. Well it is worth £50 in my eyes so get this game if you have a 360 and don't have a copy yet!

  6.  Awesome.


    Huge budget and lots of effort went in to making this game. Brilliant gameplay, it will keep you amused for twice the length of most single player games. Nice story that keeps you coming back for more. Real-time cutscenes that look awesome and the best lighting for the 360 so far. Simply put, Assassins Creed is awesome
    GTA take notes, this ones a goodun'.

  7.  Reliable. Retro and Ruddy nice to look at! 3 Rs = 5 Stars!!!


    If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to any gamer, be they five, fifty or not even into games at all, everybody can find something to like about the Nintendo DS Lite.
    You may remember the Dual Screen of yesteryear: bulky; unattractive and rough around the edges. Well the DSL is the polar opposite of the old eye-soar. With its sleek glossy finish and bright DUAL SCREEN, you will struggle to tear your eyes away from this digital sex-bomb.
    But it has more than just look you know. Oh yes. With a huge library of Triple A games (thats games that score highly in reviews) that trumps the main competition of the PSP. The games target audience spans across the entire demographic that those boffs at nintendo could get their mits on. From gamers to non-gamers, old to young, and pretty much everyone in between. Puzzle games, RPGs, Racers, Strategy, Shooter, Kids games, Movie games, dancing federal agents games.... you get the picture.
    Speaking of picture, you get not one but TWO screens! By no means supefulous, the first screen usually pops up with a control pad for you to use the stylus with to enduce movent on the upper screen. Before you say this sounds complicated, I have seen a 2 year old use this thing with ease, the controls are simple, natural and as easy to adapt to as crossing the road.
    Other hardware includes a built-in microphone and wi-fi for playing games over the internet and with other players right next to you. Kitted out for retro gamers is a port for plugging in old GameBoy Advanced games, that to this day are selling like hot cakes.
    If you are a person teetering on the edge as whether to get a PSP or DSL, you have my personal gaurantee that DSL delivers! I have owned a PSP and given it much patience, I must admit there was one game I liked but then my thumbs grew weary of the awkward control scheme, and my patience wore thin after countless hours waiting for games to load. Games on the DSL come on the good old cartridge format so games load instatnly. No more cups of tea waiting for your game to load because its there before you know it.
    You can take my advice or leave it, if you want a fantastic bit of kit for £100 buy a DSL. If you however want faulty design, long loading times and hodge-podgery then by all means waste £130 on a PSP.
    As for games for this fine product, I recommend for gamers The Ledgend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass. For kids New Super Mario Brothers. And for adults Brain Training is a must buy!
    I hope this review helps, good luck and happy shopping!

  8.  My favorite RTS ever.


    And with good reason, ever played Age of Empires well its the same gameplay but with a few thousand years added on in terms of time zones.
    Simple to learn, arduous to master. This will be a game you won't put down for a long time. And most importantly: IT WORKS ON VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  Great product, but value is better at higher memory.


    Yes this products works a treat, super-fast and very resilient for backing up and transfering the files you want.
    The USB cover is easy to take of but also easy to loose, if you don't mind about that then its possibly the best you can buy for your money.
    However, if you are thinking you might need more memory the 2 Gb and 4gb version aren't a lot more to bump up to.
    San-Disk do a cheaper 1 Gb flash drive on this site (not hard to find), but I have no idea how much faster/slower it is. The speed for this flash drive is pretty fast but is slightly older than the San-Disk equivilant, whether this means it is quicker than the play.com model i don't know.

  10.  God listens to Daft Punk


    The French duo's first album centres around a street/urban theme. Brilliant floor-filling, on-your-feet music is a trademark of Daft Punk. Not all the tracks are classics but the majority are bound to please you, whether your a fan of dance or not. I recomend strongly you look at "Discovery" by Daft Punk as it is probibly the best album or this decade.