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  1.  Good..but..


    ITs a good show but it would be 100 times better if they didnt put the canned laughter over it every 5 seconds.. YES canned. It may be filmed infront of a live audience but the laughter sounds fake and forced. :( It ruined it for me.

  2.  AMazing game.. but why it will get a low rating on the pc..


    I must say..I'm shocked how good this game really is. The graphics are stunningly beautiful, the game is great.. the story is good..but it fails in allot of places. ITs a fun all around game. If this came out called something like "invasion earth" It would be getting 5 stars.. but because it's called 'crysis 2' it's bound to get a low rating.. why? Well let me explain :)

    When crysis first came out it raised the benchmark of pc fps's. A benchmark which still stands to this day. It has a great story, a fun game play, original, etc IT also needed an AMAZING pc just to run it at medium (at the time) let alone very high, Which catered for the pc geeks out there (which I am one of ;)) Even most pc today can't run crysis 1 on Very high and keep the fps above 45. Then when crysis warhead came out (Which was pretty much a large add-on pack tbh) People started asking "OMG... When is crysis 2 coming out and can you imagine how amazing it's going to be! The graphics will be photorealistic and the etc etc" ... That's why this game is rated so low.. NOTHING can live up to YEARS of geeky pc's fans exspections. ALL the amazing games/movies have suffered from this in the past. A good E.g. is the Matrix. The matrix was an amazing trilogy.. but because it has a good 4-5 years in-between the first and second one.. PPl were left for too long to imagine how much BETTER it was going to be than the first. Ofc.. it wasn't going to be. How can it live up to such high expectations.

    Pc fans also have a rep for slagging off anything that comes out on pc AND consoles. You will hear them/us acting victimised "LOOK AT THIS RUBBISH PORT!!" or the good old "MY pc can't run this! 1 star from me" The simple fact is this is a bloody good fps, I'll admit the graphics aren't the best out their but I'd say it's in the top 10. I think the makers decided to make it look REALLY good but also allow the average pc gamers to be able to run it. I have a high end system and get around 45-50 on very high in crysis, but on crysis 2 I get an easy 60fps Average and tbh..there is hardly any difference. The game does run allot smoother and is less buggy.

    Like I say, don't listen to the reviewers (apart from me ;) lol. If you liked crysis 1 for the game play.. trust me you'll love crysis 2. If your only interested in the graphics.. get metro 2033 and be bored for the next few months until you can afford crysis 2.

    P.s .. Notice how the ps3/360 fans love the game? Mainly because most have never played crysis and didn't spend years and years dreaming about how good it was going to be. Hope this review helped in some way :)

  3.  Oh how the mighty have fallen!


    :( when i first got a comp Norton was the name to have anti virus wise!! I then brought 2005 (i think) .. i had it for a year and my comp kept crashing every 3-4 months... so id back everything up and reformat it.. install everything and then 4 months later...yep! u guessed it reformat time again! this went on for 1-2 years... then i upgraded to 2006 (i think) same thing happend! .. then i downloaded bullguard .. i found 12 virus on my comp! in files i had for many years!! now i reformat once a year!! :D Ive downloaded latest norton's and they still cant find the virus on my old back up discs!... but bullguard can :D So the moral of this story is DONT TRUST NORTON!!

  4.  Not bad but not good.


    I saw this with my girfrind at the cinema (there wasnt anything else on :(. To be honest there were the odd funny moment but nothing that made me or any one else in the cinema laugh out loud (Apart from one scene which i cant even remember now) If your looking for a classic, this isnt it :(



    The reason this gets 90% of the bad reviews are people wanting to get the same feel as they got from playing the 6-7 games. If you read the bad reviews you will notice people bring up how much better the games are... well of course they are!? Nm how good a film is if you are a games player and enjoy games liek silent hill.. you wont be able to get as envoled in a film as you would a game.. and THATS why the leave bad reviews. THis film is a great film, while the little girls acting has me personal cringing in the first 30mins the rest is perfect. It stays 75% true to the game but changes it enough to make an excellent movie. The reason for the 4 stars is i have watched it 4-5 times now and still find it hard in places to follow the story... good thing about that tho is everytime you watch it you pick up that little bit more!! (just like the games) Once again if you have played the games just watch this with an open mind and view it as a stand alone horror movie. dont compare it to the game as it will NEVER meet your exspectations.



    I love fockkers! I allways have since i was a little boy! I lvoed all types of WW2 planes but the fokker i loved! I knew everything about fokkers. My parents even used to call me there little fokker! In a sick way i used to wish that i was born during the war so i could see a group of fokkers flying through th sky! if you like fokkers too youll love this game! You wont be able to stop flying through the sky trying to spot a fellow fokker! The addon is easy to install (like most addons for FsX) Some of the grphics did go a bit odd first time i started the game up after installing this addon.. the fokker kept going see through. By the second time i started up the game you could see the planes 100% okay. I LOVE FOKKERS AND I LOVE THIS GAME!

  7.  V-sync problems yet again -_-


    ive been looking forward to playing this game since it came out! I even downloaded the demo for the pc! ANyway i finally got it for the ps3! 10mins in i had to turn it off -_- The V sync is the 2nd worst ive seen for a new Gen console :( First is dead rising.. and 3rd is farcry 2 -_- This was on the first part of the game. I guarentee as soon as you get into the castles (more detailed area) its gunna be worse -_- Anyway i gave iot a 2nd chance but it wasnt anyting special. the graphics IMO are a bit better than a ps2 game but nothing like u would exspect from a ps3 game :( the game play is pretty repedative (sorry for spelling lol) :( very dissipointed :(

  8.  A step too far :(


    I loved the last x mas special. Had me in tears with laughter and sadness! :( This one felt it took a big step towards a normal old sitcom. :( Was ok for a 'normal' sitcom :)

  9.  best fecking comedy every!


    Best comedy ever! I wish i had enough to get this :'( i guess ill have to save up lol :(

  10. Pure


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £18.39  Free delivery

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    I hate them! I have one race game i can play on for a very short peroid of time and thats gothem city racer (which i got free with my 360).... But i must admit this is damn good ive preorderd it :d puts a new edge of racing games!..and the best graphics ive ever seen for a game!! :O