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  1.  A real Page-Turner


    This is the first book I have read by Marian Keyes and on the strenght of it I will certainly be reading her others! From the moment I started reading it and realised it was a story being told by a ghost that drifts from flat-to-flat, I knew it was the book for me. Her characters are quirky, loveable, and three-dimentional. You end up caring about all of them.....Brilliant!

  2.  Simply(s) Enchanting


    If you thought this was just the advertisers way of screwing a little more money out of us for good measure - you'd be wrong! I was given this book for Christmas as I am obssessed by all things meerkat and it really is a fabulous work of fiction. I would even say it should replace some childrens books as a bedtime story if you can get past the pigeon english. There is no end to this little meerkats appeal....Cant wait for the film...you heard it here first!!

  3.  A wonderfull book. Worth every penny.


    For anyone who loves meerkats and especially Meerkat Manor. Not only does it tell the story in words from the beginning to the end of the 4 series but it also documents the family tree of the Whiskers. The balance between words and illustration is just right. It is an education into life in the Kalahari and the life of these wonderful creatures.

  4.  Outstanding! You won't be disappointed.


    This is not just a wildlife documentary series. It is a drama, thriller, comedy and tear-jerker all rolled into one. Once you have met the whiskers they become part of your family but you still warm to the other groups aswell. The photography and direction are superb but the icing on the cake is Bill Nighys narration. I only hope and pray this is not the end of Meerkat Manor.....it is the sort of series that could run as long as any soap and the action is real! My only critisism is that there were no extra bits - there must have been some hillarious out takes and I would have liked to see more of the scientists interaction with the meerkats (there are some on Youtube) but it still deserves full marks.

  5.  Dont Believe the Hype!


    I was told by several so called hardened horror fans that they just physically had to turn away during certain scenes in this movie. All I will say is, it all depends on what you consider to be disturbing. Yes, the rack scene does make you cringe and this is the scene everyone is refering to - no one sits easy with people having the their bones snapped and limbs pointing in the wrong direction. But lets face it none of the victims is Mother Teresa. They all deserve a bit of discomfort!. Seriously though, the Saw films are unique in that there is a good plot, there is a reason behind all the violence and the killer is highly intelligent and he does make sense, allbeit in a sick way. I gave this only 4 stars however because as with all other series of movies, once you have seen the first one or two you already know the plot, the main characters have revealed enough of themselves to us for us to anticipate what their next move may be....it is just the element of surprise that is missing. I mean, we didn't know what the traps would be but we knew there were going to be traps. That said, this movie is still first class and does not disappoint. All I will add is that they should seriously consider making Saw 4 the last one - if they take it any further they run the risk of turning it into a joke. Wouldn't it have been better if John Carpenter had stopped after Halloween 2?

  6.  Mixed Feelings


    With such diverse reviews already logged for this movie I was not sure what to expect. On the negative side there was virtually no plot, the script was weak and the characters shallow. On the plus side, the overall feeling of the movie was dismal, full of dispair and isolation not to mention clostrophobic - just what you would expect. The vampires were refreshingly vile and odious, a far cry from the sexually charged seducers of the old Hammer movies or indeed more recent films. These guys were pure evil, tortured souls, physically repellant primative savages intent only on securing their next victim. I would have given this 4 stars if it wasn't for the fact that the script and plot let it down. A movie can scrape by with iffy make up and effects but if the basics of the art are not up to scratch then the whole thing falls apart. That said, it is worth seeing if only to dispel the old romantic myth of the vampire.

  7.  The Gene Genie Rides Again


    I agree with the majority. Life on Mars was exceptional. Ashes to Ashes was never going to quite manage it. Nevertheless thanks to the Holy Trinity of Gene Hunt, Chris Skelton and Ray Carling it is saved. No disrespect to Keeley Hawes, she is a fine actress and does a great job, but it is almost as if she is intruding on the 3 characters we love unconditionally. Ashes to Ashes did not need another time traveller and because the character has a young daughter we already know she will opt to go back to 2007. Damned if I would. Give me the 1970's or 1980's any day, particularitly if Gene Hunt is waiting for me.

  8.  How refreshing. An actor without an over inflated ego.


    Of course I was and still am an avid fan of Blakes 7. This book primarily takes us through all 4 series and gives us an indepth look at the characters and some of the actors who play them. But is also lets us meet the man who is responsible for the unforgettable character of Avon. For me, he was the leading man from the very beginning. A three dimentional character, ruthless and unapproachable but totally irresistable. Paul Darrow comes across as a warm and funny man who does not take himself or his profession too seriously. He fully admits he is not "A list" and often sends himself up. This is a rare and welcome change to the usual "aren't I wonderfull and you will never get near me" type attitude of so many actors. You feel at the end of this book that Paul deserves A List fame - you know it would not change him, and television and film would be all the richer for his presence. We love you Paul.

  9.  A Unique Insight into Life Behind Bars


    Its a shame that recent events involving "misuse of the company computer/internet" has overshadowed this highly under-rated actor. This book was very well written and gave a unique insight into Leslies time in prison. He makes no excuses for any of the things he has done that he regrets, but neither does he wallow in self pity. It is a frank and often very amusing account by a man who has led a colourfull life to say the least. Leslie always manages to bounce back no matter how often he is beaten down. Eastenders made a big mistake leting him go.

  10.  A refreshing return to movies that make you jump!


    If you are into strong blood and gore then this movie is not for you. I love all horror movies but these types of movies are particularily difficult to make well - Boogeyman is good effort and works on most levels. You can definately see the Sam Raimi influence with the unusual camera angles and fast moving shots. This is more of a supernatural movie for me than a horror film. It will make you jump in places but will not sicken those of a delicate disposition. The master of this type of horror is John Carpenter and the ultimate creepy horror classic Halloween. This movie can in no way match it but there are elements that are similar - i.e lighting, lack of gore, atmospherics etc. Worth a look if you are not into gore but hardened horror fans may find it rather light weight.