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Product Reviews

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  1.  WOW


    Buy this game!! If you don't your friends will laugh at you for not owning the best driving game available.

  2.  Good Quality and nice fit


    This case is more impressive that I expected. It fits the slim slide phone perfectly. The front piece is a little delicate and a tiny bit loose along the edges, but you hardly notice. It obviously adds a small amount of bulk to the phones overall shape and feel. However, I don't imagine its possible to make a better case for this type of phone. It looks good too, nice matt, smooth plastic with a slight rubbery feel. It doesnt look as expensive as the phone looks without a case but if you want to protect your torch then I would buy one of these.

  3.  Enjoyable but so frustrating


    This is a great game with some nice missions and impressive graphics. I like how realistic and interactive the environment is However, its little flaws become too much to handle sometimes. Your team mates are stupid, they dont follow instructions and walk right into danger far too often. They can be helpful the odd time but trying to use them in a strategic fashion is pointless.

    Despite all that you do find yourself drawn into the game. If you forget about your team and just make them follow you it becomes fun. Sneaking and shooting first is a winning plan. Send a team mate round a corner first to get shot (if your worried a baddie is hiding). Gets very difficult at times...even on 'normal'.