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  1.  Worth the money


    I normally pick up a copy of the guide with an RPG game, due to the amass of content, and I am always worried I am going to miss something I will not be able to get at another time.
    This is a very well written guide with indepth battle startegy against bosses and normal mob types. The art work of the guide is stunning and the guide itself is well wrote.
    I myself brought the limited collectors edition which are now sold out, but I would definately recommend getting this guide with the game. it saves hours of getting lost/fighting the bosses all wrong.
    The guide provides a walkthrough of the story, all the skills, and items.
    It also provide walkthoughs for all 64 side quest hunts.
    A must have with the game.

  2.  A Must Have


    First of all I am suprised at the negative reviews this game is getting, mainly people who have not completed the 2nd disc so in my opinion should not be writing a review.
    I got this the day it came out, I am still playing it occasionally now trying to complete all the side quest hunts.
    First off all I understand a lot of people being disapointed and saying its very linear gameplay. Yes this is true until you get to chapter 11, which is disc 3 you can only progress through the story and you cannot wander too far. Even when you get to Chapter 11 unfortunately there are not too many side hunts you can go on at your experience level, its best to wait until after the story.
    The graphics are just mindblowing as SquareEnix live up to their Final Fantasy name with the latest mindblowing graphics. The storyline is expertly written and I just couldn't wait to get to the next cut scene, by the time i got to chapter 11 and could choose to go off and do hunts, I decided to complete the story first as it is very gripping.
    The story took me 50-55 hours to complete so the story itself has got a ton of value.
    The side hunts however I think is the weak point of the game, they are very repetitive and there are 64 in all.
    Yes 64 side missions just telling you to go kill X monster wit it getting harder and harder each time.
    Although the battles are fun and testing I am disapointed with the side content no minigames just fighting, although it is fun.

    In conclusion I was glued to this game, my addiction I guess i will call it stopped when i completed the story and got to hunt 11, completed that and then got bored. I still occasionally play it now and then still doing the odd hunt but once you have done them all with 5 star rating there is little to no replay value. Although that would take you over hundred hours so you get a lot of value.
    Stunning Graphics
    Amazing Gameplay
    Gripping Story
    Over a hundred hours of gameplay
    A more advanced skill tree system to final fantasy 10
    A very simple to use and excellent battle system
    Battle graphics and motions are very good

    Very linear taking around 30-35 hours until you can free roam
    Lack of activities to do only fighting no side mini games like in previous final fantasys
    Very repetitive hunt system
    Looks like there will be no DLC although Square Enix are still yet to make a decision about this.

    Although the cons this is in my opinion the best xbox 360 game out there, I think its a must have/play for all xbox 360 owners, it is a completely new experience and I and many people I know were completely blown away by this game.

    I would also recommend you buy the guide as well, it is very helpful and has some great tips and all the maps to help you get around.

    I brought the collectors Edition version of the game, I brought it mainly because I am a collector of Final Fantasy games, if you are a big final fantasy fan or collector I would recommend the collector's edition for the extras, but if you are just looking for a new game I would probably recommend the normal version as the extras with the collectors edition may not be worth the extra money to you.

  3.  Well worth the TP


    Well worth the money. Included in this collection is the mike judge collection vols 1,2 and 3 plus the special edition movie beavis and butt-head do America. In total in this collection there are 10 discs. 6 discs featuring 20! episodes each!!! so thats a total of 120! episodes. 3 discs featuring music videos with Beavis and Butt-head watching and commenting. Also on this 3 discs is the creation of beavis and butt-head part 1,2 and 3 and also special promo adverts including beavis and butt-head. And on the last disc you get the special edition movie.
    For only £25!! You are getting 120 episodes special edition movie, the creation of beavis and Butt-head with interveiws with Mike Judge himself, and loads of extras.
    Overall well worth the money.
    The packaging is great the discs are kept in like a book formation one disc per page.

  4.  Not quite the gaming fantasy


    I would only consider getting this game at full price if you will have someone to play with ds to ds. With a lack of online mode this game does not seem complete. The story line is amazing i cant knock anything of that except it could of been longer. You can replay the story with the same armour and levels with your charictars and unlock a new place but still it does not seem worth it. After completing story twice i have grown bored of the story mode. But crystal chronicles is ment to be a multiplayer experience, and you can only get this via ds to ds link up. The multiplayer is very good just sometimes it may go slow, but it is good fun. But unless you have people to play with i would not consider getting this until a fall in price.
    A shame really as i am a big fan of final fantasy this great graphic adventure fell short to all the other titles it just needed something more and im not just talking about an online mode. It still feels its missing something and i just cant think what.

  5.  Truly the best game out for DS


    This is truly the best game i have ever brought for any console. As soon as i brought it i was sucked in to the amazing new pokemon and storyline. The graphics are truly amazing for a pokemon game thinking back to the days of red and blue. I have had this game around 3 months now and still play it regularly. after completeing the first pokedex and receiveing the national dex its like starting from the beginning of your dex catching all the new and old pokemon. There is so much to do on this game it is truly amazing. With an online battle and trading feature its got everything a pokemon game could really ask for. Very recommended well worth your money. If you havent got this yet what are you waiting for, buy one of the best games you will ever play for along time.

  6.  Alrite better of getting nightmare


    I got this game as soon as it came out. As i already had nightmare troubledare (sorry for spelling). I enjoyed nightmare very much and thought that this would be a drastic improvement. After a day i was completely bored of it, the story line is terrible, it has no replay value, and it takes two wins of a duel to have enough money for 1 pack of cards. The monster spirits are a bad idea and just made the game look worse. But apart from that there are alot more cards in this game then troubledare its a shame that the story could not have been to the same standard or better then troubledare. The thing which really saves this game is the online dueling which is great were it searches for a duelist your skill level, without the online this game would be a bit of a joke. If your looking for a fist yugioh game for ds get nightmare but if your looking for online get yugioh world championship tour 07.

  7.  Great but could have been better


    Good book the walkthrough guide is great but could have been a bit more deep though. It does not tell you where hidden items are and also it does not tell you were the certain are but just a list. Also its a shame that the last part of the walkthrough and the pokedex is released in another book, so if you have both it involves a lot of book swapping, its a shame they could not of put the 2 books together, but other then that it is a great book, well worth £10

  8.  Good book but not everything you need to know


    A good book but it is a shame that they had to do diamond and pearl in 2 parts because i find myself switching between the 2 books which becomes annoying. There all some errors in the book with a few pokemon types and spelling errors, also it does not tell you about EVs which are a big thing when training pokemon to battle online which is a huge disappointment. But apart from that it is a useful book for people who do like playing the game.