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  1.  its not Mario Kart but still fun


    I really enjoy this game even though its had some rough reviews. As an offline game its pretty short and won't have the longevity your looking for, but as an online game it really comes to the fore. Its not just your average karting game with a sprinkle of real racing added to the game, like driving in sometimes slipstream to overtake and gaining damage to your Kart meaning driving through the pits. Its so easy to be leading from the front only to finish last after a few attacks from other races. Get your mates to get this and have loads of fun :-)

  2.  Best FIFA game by far.


    FIFA has done it again, but this years game is more about tweaks than revolutionary changes. I see a lot of the poor reviews are from gamers who aren't use to the new defending system, but this can changed in the settings menu. If your playing online and need help, opt for the two button control system. I've also noticed FIFA bashing from PES fans.... Ridiculous.
    To sum it up, if your looking for the best football Sim on the market then this is for you.

  3.  Frustrating, but brilliant! (demo only)


    First thoughts were frustrating, awkward, anger & anger. After a while though, you get passed the tricky defending & the game starts to grow on you.
    It's the subtle differences that make a huge difference - quick throw-ins, player movement & impact engine. I found on FIFA 11 I was pretty good at keeping the ball & didn't realise how much I relied on pressing to win back the ball, but on FIFA 12 I have to be even more patient. Every FIFA fan will have to unlearn what they knew on previous FIFA titles & start from scratch. Defending is now an art form & creating chances is so much more satisfying. Well done EA, can't wait for the full version.

  4.  The best things come in small packages


    Quality product, quality sound & great price. Probably the best gadget I've ever bought & anyone I show it off to is blown away by the sound that pumps out of this tiny speaker.
    Been a member of Play since 2005 & this is the best purchase by a country mile!

  5.  Anti-climax


    I was really looking forward to this film, but by the end felt underwhelmed. It has got some really funny parts in it, but in the main it falls into that trap where the movie shows off it's best parts in the trailers.
    Expected more from the people that made The Hangover & just hope the sequel is as good as it's predecessor & not this!

  6.  Does the job!


    I wanted something to secure Kibect camera & this does the job. I was expecting it to be a little bit more tight to TV, but as this is a universal tool for Kinect camera I shouldn't complain. Camera doesn't wobble when in use so I'm happy.
    For the price you pay you can't really ask for more. A definate must for Kinect users!

  7.  K.O. Game!


    Very slick controls help make combinations punches in this game feel more realistic. Still haven't gone through all the different modes in the game, but at the end of the day it's essentially all about the boxing. Graphically this game is up there with the best EA has to offer & the sound is pretty cool too.
    My favourite part of game is the cinematic shot of your boxer crunching his oponent on the chops.
    TIP - everytime the camera zooms in for a second remember to counter-punch, it doesn't have to be a power punch to KO your opponent.

  8.  Surprisingly Good!


    A film about two nerds on a road trip to Alien hot-spots, but an unexpected guest joins them outside area 51 after his car runs off the road. Paul, the smoking, beer drinking, foul language visitor trying to get home.
    In a word.... "Brilliant!".
    Definitely buying this & will edit review once watched on Blu-Ray (quality of Blu-Ray) :0)

  9. Red



    18 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

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     A good night in


    This is The Expendables, but with a story line... & good actors... Oh & humour. Thourally enjoyable & Blu-Ray shows off action scenes well with phenomenal sound!

  10.  Marmite!!!


    Like Marmite you'll either love it or hate it. I enjoyed film even though sometimes it was a little slow paced. Wouldn't recommend buying on Blu-Ray though - pointless!.... DVD would be better option although personally it's not the sort of film I'd buy, but definatly worth a watch.