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  1.  Brilliant Album


    Its interesting, most actresses who become singers are crap, however Scarlett Johannson is different, she has a great voice and this CD is a brilliant listen. Highly reccomended!

  2.  A Great Game


    TF2 is a big step up from the original TF, but what a great step up.

    The Graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fantastic, and the characters are brilliant.

    With 9 different characters to choose from, almost anyone will be able to pick one class they like the best and enjoy themself.

    A great online FPS game which provides hours of fun, highly recommend.

  3. Portal


    PC Games

    3 New from  £16.95  Free delivery

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    Portal is a brilliant puzzle game that you can relax while you play it and enjoy the experience. The Portal chambers get harder as the game goes on, and the story line is great (linked to the Half-Life universe).

    The Updated Source engine looks brilliant too, with lovely graphics to go with the game.

    My only down side on Portal is its legnth, it will take the average gamer about 3-4hrs to complete, if that.

    Still for this price you cant go wrong, highly recommended.

  4.  Great Poster


    This poster is brilliant, the picture quality is very good, so its not pixilated or strectched etc, the size is perfect. Great poster for any Resi Fan.

  5.  Average


    Resident Evil 4 is a great game, but i sugest you stick to it on the PS2. The PC Port is very average, the graphics arent as good as they should be and the controls are hard(unless using a gamepad).

    And dont listen to what Brauschs says, i dont know how a Top100 Game Reviewer cant find the exit button on the game, its right in your face.

    Overall 3/5.

  6.  Not the best, but good.


    I like this game a lot, altho a few things bug me, it lacks a few classic Burnout features, and dont be suprised when your driving down the motorway at 200mph and "Hey hey you you, i want to be your girlfriend!" blasts out your speakers.

    Still, the best driving game out on PS3 at the moment.

  7.  Great SH Game


    Game is brilliant, everything you would expect from a Silent Hill game, soundtrack is brilliant too.

    A must have for all Silent Hill Fans, and like the game says at the begining, best played in the dark, with headphones, enjoy.

  8.  Worst game of 2007


    Really really poor, SOF1 & 2 were both amazing, they ruined the series with this, dont even buy this if you see it in the bargain bin.

  9.  Great Movie but


    You dont get what you see in the picture, i didnt get a booklet or anything, just a normal DVD case with 2 discs inside, no special edition case with book like ive seen in stores. So be wared.

  10.  Bit repetitive


    This game is really fun, but after you get past the 3rd or so level, its just the same thing over and over again but in a different environment.

    But on the upside the graphics nice & this will provide you with entertainment, and its not expensive either.