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  1.  So bad it became worth watching


    You have to watch this film, it will become a cult classic.

    This film looks like it was done on a buget of 25p, the acting is terrible, the sets are re used in almost every scene, the special effects are far from special, the dialogue is horrible and it makes no sence at all.

    But it is all these facts that make this a film you must see, I bet everyone who watched this film and slated it, also thought that the time spent watching it went really quickly. Cause wether they like it or not they enjoyed this terrible horrible film as much as I did.

  2.  Even a toddler can learn from this


    I brought this cause I wanted to learn some holiday Japanese alongside a language CD, and by using the 2 together this is a great way to grasp the basics
    The lessons are really well structured and easy to grasp, though some of the games you can get through just by button mashing and therefore you don't learn from them, hence 4 not 5 stars.
    As other people have pointed out you should use this along side other educational tools to get the most out of it, but it is a great and fun little game and well worth the money.
    The best thing I can say to show how good this game is, is that whilst playing this game at home my 4 year old started to repeat and understand some of the words and phrases.

  3.  Should be worth 6 Stars


    I can't recommend this package enough, the concert is the best I've ever seen on DVD, the music is great an excellent mixture of all thier greatest songs. You will never get tired of watching the dvd and you also get the 2 cds as well, this would be a bargin at double the price.
    The other reviews descibe the music better than I can, buy this you will not regret it

  4.  So bad it's good


    This film is funny, but you have got to watch it remembering that it is so bad most of the time that is what makes you laugh.
    They do have to announce you the spoof characters are everytime you see one, but again that will just make you laugh.
    It is a good film, with a poor ending but I found it very entertaining, and by the end I was hurting from laughing at the naff ness of it all.
    The actors are well cast for thier roles and overall I'd say buy this movie but watch it after a few drinks.

  5.  Another excellent selection


    Can't agree more with the other reviews, this is top notch entertainment, containing some of the best challanges from the last few series.
    The search for the best road and the race across London are instant classics, and the 24hour race is fantastic.
    If I have 1 tiny complaint it is that the challange where the team grew the crops that they turned into the fuel for the 24 hour race has not been included.
    But if you are a fan of Top Gear this is a must buy.

  6.  Excellent but too short


    I have been waiting for news of this release since the program was first aired. It is a brilliant insight to china, and Paul Mertons comments and observations make the show.
    My only problem is that the series was so short, no ones fault but after the last episode I was left wanting more.
    If you liked Palin's "round the world in 80 days" you'll enjoy this.

  7.  Ian Holley


    This game is great, maintains the very high standard we have come to expect from the creators of some of the best RPG games off all time. The control system is well balanced and easy to use, and after only a few minutes even the most ham fisted player (like me) will find themselves performing quite complex tactics in combat, with only the push of a button. The game play will be familiar to fans of the KOTOR series (but now without the weight of the star wars franchise behind it, which was both a boon and a curse) but everything feels new and exciting. when you first wander arounf the citadel it's hard not to spend time just rotating the camera to just try and take everything in, it looks lived in and alive. And the ability to visit any star system and planet you fancy makes this game truly free roaming, you can't land on every planet but this never feels like a let down. This game will take away a huge chunk of your life, but it is worth it