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  1.  Bad game and rancid to look at


    Come on nintendo! what is this!? loves the psn version of the game but was soooo disappointed with this one! difficult to manouvre, jerky gameplay, graphics worse than the original ds games... i was looking forward to this game most!
    just shocking! appalling! terrible!

  2.  Superb


    Watched the first galf and thought it was really good! But this srcond half is even better! Great show! .great cast!

  3.  Love it!!!


    Really good show! I don't know what the other review is even talking about... but this show is great! Not as good as bsg but that's because the style is different and perhaps not for the better but bsg ran its course and it needed something new, this is it!

  4.  Best 3ds game so far (01/04/11)


    Good graphics, good gameplay, easy to use controls and the 3D is amazing!!! the graphics stand somewhere between a ps2 and a ps3. has that splinter cell edge unlike the psp one. Smooth gameplay and a decent story - only downside was that sometimes you could not really see as the environment in the game is really dark, you have to turn the 3ds brightness right up to see it better but even then its still not great. 4/5 stars!!!

  5.  Average


    Nothing special, nothing new unless you count the 3D - driving game... yawn nuff said

  6.  ok


    good fun for kids but a tad disappointing as a release title

  7.  Absolutely Terrible!!!


    Words cannot describe just how bad this truly is! unresponsive, slow, difficult to use, bad graphics and just a rip off! save 40 quid and buy anything else!

  8.  Good but not actually finished!!!


    Graphics = 5 stars (when playing a decent game) the graphics are good, but this depends greatky on which game you play. Best graphics are currently on splinter cell, street fighter is in the middle and ghost recon is shockingly bad.

    Sound = 4 stars - it does have good quality sound and is not as tinny as its predecessors but it is very quiet.

    Inbuilt software = 4 stars - the software that is on the 3ds is good. there is a camera that takes 3d pictures, a mini game using the camera creates 3d games from placing a card in front of the camera, and a game that captures peoples faces and puts them onto the enemies of in the game.

    Upside - sturdy little machine, you can feel the quality it no longer feels as if its going to snap (like the ds lite) big screen, inner and outer cameras. 3d mode is very good for a handheld. the new charging system is a lot better where you have a power tray and just put the ds on it and lift it of when charged no more playing about with cables as you can give it a permanant place.

    Downside - The 3ds is only half up and running currently, there are software glitches and it does freeze. The 3d camera can be quite difficult to set up as it needs natural light and a clear view of somewhere that is 20 metres away, so it can be a challenge. The 3d mode while good seems to wash out the colours and the brightness of the screen - so yes it is 3d but the colour intensity drops hugely. I have found that when playing the mini games moving the ds around can be difficult also as the screen is heavier and they still have not sorted out the hinge! when you move the ds around or put it down with a tad too much vigour the screen bends at this awkward angle and you can hear the plastic squeek so do take care. Finally the stylus has been moved and is now in the most awkward place possible (at the rear towards the left under the screen when the ds is open).

    Lastly - I do love the 3ds but at present it is not complete! the nintendo store is not up and running so you cannot access that or see any games, demos etc so that is a minus.
    The internet browser does not work either, it makes this big hooha about setting up the wifi when you first turn it on for it to say that it will not work without an update (which is not out until late may / early june).

    ps if you wait it will probs be cheaper by then and also all the software will available! tbh i do feel a bit conned by this and wish that i had waited

  9.  SOOOO ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!


    Great show! great cast! Very Teeny!!! If you dont like the smoochie scenes every now and then then fast forward as i do! apparently this gets cut out of the later seasons! yay! worth a tenner!

  10.  Probably the worst from HBO


    An awful series! slow paced storyline - I get mystery, but this just drags on and on and on... the cast are extremely dislikeable - a terminator 3 washout and an extra from Buffy leading the show just doesnt work to no surprise! save your money and buy anything else!!!