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  1.  Huge Disappointment


    Having loved "Tools of Destruction" and "A Crack in Time" I was really excited to see the 3rd and final in the Future Series.

    However, I am hugely disappointed. It feels as though the developers have created this game for the sole purpose of having to finish the series. There's nothing new and the storyline is a watery good-conquers-evil plot. The worst part is it only lasts 8 hours... and that includes collecting all the hidden items, such as gold bolts and Rhino holo-plans.

    It's also missing a lot of small details that made the other 2 titles so good:
    - No space travel and visiting different sectors/ planets / moons (simply blast-off to the next level)
    - Smuggler turns up for all of 2 minutes
    - Quark plays no part in the story, except for a quick cameo
    - Battle arena is over very quickly
    - Barely any weapons or armour (all weapons are re-hashes of old ones)
    - The ship no longer speaks and isn't a character in the story
    - NO PIRATES!!!
    - ...and much more

    Overall this game will be a massive disappointment to die-hard fans of the series. It truly feels like Insomnia have created a game, with a shrug of the shoulders and a "meh."

    Worth a quick blast, but wait until it's in the bargain bucket!

  2.  It's alright...


    Cop mode is fun, but gets boring after a little while - features like being able to change siren tone, etc are nice little extras, but the overall gameplay got very boring, very quickly. Good in short bursts, but not the best NFS by far...

  3.  Hmmm...


    As a massive Terminator fan, I expected more... the concept is good, but it gets far too repetitive.

  4.  Much Better Than COD


    I've always preffered the BF franchise over COD and this game adds to an already fantastic collection. Campaign mode wasn't as good as the original Bad Company, but online is brilliant.

  5.  It's alright...


    I bought this mouse due to the number of buttons it had (for FPS games). However, the No.6 button has never worked and the right mouse button is starting to fail. It looks fantastic and tracking is perfect, but it's let down by the poor software and short-life.

  6.  Fantastic Quality!


    This T-Shirt has been made using good quality materials and the sizing is great. This is not a simple print: the black material (the picture of Frank and the large gun at 90 degrees) is FLOCK and has a short-fur feeling to it. The rest of the graphics, such as the text and small grey guns, is a FLEX material which has a waxxy feeling to it. Sizing is spot on - I ordered my usual "Medium" and it fits brilliantly. The only downside is that there is nothing on the back. Overall this T-Shirt is fantastic quality and is more than worth the tenner I paid.

  7.  Hmmm...


    Trying to re-live the 80's will always fail. I'm a massive fan of Ghostbusters, but this game just doesn't cut it. The voice acting is good, but musically, they've just re-used all the old tracks from the films.

    The story was pretty boring and slow paced AND YOU DON'T GET TO DRIVE ECTO 1! Nice concept, nice memories... keep it in the past.

  8.  What the hell was that?


    Worst NFS game ever. No storyline, just pointless racing. Still no "Be the Cop" mode available either. Good graphics, but you sacrifice gameplay.


  9.  What bass?


    Ok for the casual gamer who wants sound, but die-hards who want a dynamic range of sounds should stay away. Even on full whack, the bass on these things is non-existent.

  10.  Outstanding


    Having only ever played Burnout 2 before, I was reluctant to buy this. However, I now think it's the best game for the PS3!

    Lots of vehicles and events to choose from and the freeroam style of the game is excellent - it's even better online! Well worth the money.