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    Game is stupidly long!!! Which is what i crave from games like this.
    been on it for about 68hr gameplay (i have a broken fibula so no work) and iv only just done the main story and side quests. Started just one of the add-ons and BANG looking at the map ITS HUGE for an add on.
    For the price you are getting SOOOO MUCH!!

    only down side is its unexpected freezing. But the pure greatness of the game excuses that :-D

  2.  Does the JOB


    Not the best quality. BUT. zip shuts and basically protects your 230-280 pound console.
    sooooo for a fiver cant complain plus its got that 'new shoe smell' inside :-) haha im a case sniffer

  3.  best one yet


    for 30 quid the quality is superb. the fluffy inside covers all but the sleeves. got some good weight to it and is sooooo nice to wear.
    for me i'v had i think 6 animal hoodies around 30 a pop and this one is by far the best one yet. DEFO BUY if you like animal

  4.  BRILL


    I was goin to buy this in GAME when it came out, but the shop keeper warned me how bad it was and said get dragon age instead. BOY would i like to hit him!!! dragon age is confusing, annoying and all in all not as good as saboteur. got rid of dragon age. bought saboteur from here and WOW! its GTA and assassins creed 2gether, GTA for the run, gun, 3rd person, city run about and assassins creed for the climbing buildings and leaping from rooftops. for the price it is a bargain, long and UNboring :-)

  5.  answer


    hey dude. you can buy disposable cans from paintball websites that last about 100 shots. like say just paintball . com or to fill it up you would have to go to a proper site and they usually do it for free. a 20 oz CO2 can will last about 600-700 shots hope it helps



    fantastic game. anyone who says its not good clearly don't have it and are jealous of people buying it.

    The ONLY. and i stress ONLY down to this game is goin back and forth. other then that this games probably the best single player game i got sooooo far....... bioshock you gotta have alot about ya to impress me