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  1.  Untested trash.


    This is a shocking release! I thought fm13 was bad but this falls at the first hurdle. Tactics do not matter, you could be playing as barca with a winning tactic and lose at home to crewes under 18's. The match engine is broken even with just commentary outcomes are predictable and its always giving the AI massive unfair advantages which are clearly seen watching the games in full. The computer players become pin point passers, aggressive accurate tacklers and the best finishers the world has to offer. I have a folder full of screenshots of games where players ignored my instructions/tactics and having games where 3 shots on target for opposition mean a 2-0 loss.

  2.  Poor quality.


    The mask looks nothing like the pic, it looks cheap and tacky like something you would pick up from a poundshop., The head is far to big that the mask slips forward and the peep holes are small you have to cut them to see out off. Id avoid this pile of junk.

  3.  Great!


    The previous reviewer doesnt know what they are talking about, Steam is extremely reliable and ive never had any problems running my games. The previous 3 Football managers have all required steam to activate to play. This isnt a review on steam but id like to say that it is revolutionary to pc gaming and has brought life back into it, if you computer runs slower because you have steam i wont even understand how you could run the most basic of games, maybe go buy some ram.

    Back to football manager, the game had alot more detail on one page i feel like its cluttered but i havent taken a look if i can change it yet but my brother loves all the information. There have been alot of nice changes including the easier to switch leagues and easier tactic selection with one click of the mouse! Ive got to play this game abit more to really find any bugs or anything bad i can say, well done this year!

  4.  Biggest Disapointment


    When i saw the trailer for this i was so excited, the names listed made me pretty much wee myself. I thought how could this go wrong! Well it went terribly wrong.

    The acting is poor for a start but ill blame that on the direction, i mean if you watch a Uwe Boll movie he has great names but somehow they look like they should be headlining Eastenders and same goes with this film. Character development really isnt on show here only stalon and jason get the spotlight.

    Having the big names of arnie and bruce mixed in with this and really it literalyl is just one scene which im happy about because there acting looked painful also. The action is grusome and over the top but nothing blew me away and i had no emotional attachment to any characters.

    Id suggest a rent if you really want to but i really recommend watching A-team or The Losers instead of this poor film. Watching those two films after this shown me there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

  5.  Awful


    Im new to this game type only got it because i enjoyed NFL games but this was a mistake, the game is shocking unless you actually follow the sport. Defence? what defence? shooting is horrid unless your the computer. Im obviously doing something wrong because a game cannot be this bad..

  6.  Stay away


    doesnt work on windows 7, i got part of a pack on steam and doesnt work. Cant find a crack to fix so if u have 7 do not get.

  7.  Poor Demo


    Tried the demo earlier and i was very unimpressed. Graphics are good and i love the motion sensor noise, tried all three classes and each one i found boring or difficult to manouver. Its clearly for the hardcore pc gamers not casuals, if i get it, it will be for console where everyone is on equal ground and not up against someone with a full razor setup and/or alienware pc.

  8.  I was hopeful


    When i started playing i loved the customization and the variety of style but once you get past that you have the tutorial stage which had my mouth watering, enjoyed it so much it was challenging but enough to overcome solo. Once you get out however... prepare to die...die and die abit more. The game is one of the hardest games ive come across to solo and the community isnt any better, no one helps they just watch you die while they collect the item you are fighting for. Maybe im just used to the mature helpful nature of lotro. I really wanted to like this game but ive just died 13 times trying to do a quest 2 levels below me and fighting 2/3 mobs 2 levels below me appears to be suicide. Enemies need to be nerfed to allow solo players some freedom, not in any game have i played where 2 mobs 2 levels lower were able to defeat me in seconds. I asked for help from the community and it just gets ignored. maybe i was doing something wrong but the lack of helpful mature community has caused me to leave this game.

  9.  Unknown classic


    This film had me in stitches the first time i saw it and still does now. i dont think you should trust the other reviewer suggesting you to watch a scary movie instead, everyone knows scary movie 1 was brilliant. all that followed remind me of films like meet the spartans, date movie etc.. all terrible. If u liked scary movie 1 you will love this movie, if u liked the more new scary movies, this might be abit to clever for you to follow.

  10.  Meh


    I started playing lotro but switched to wow when i got bored but found it such a downgraded game i went back to lotro. The game glitches so much even on low popular servers, almost every single player running past u glitches. Its full of bots and gold sales which is annoying. The vast majority of players are immature and wont help unless being paid. I suggest this game to the younger person but i myself 22 preffer to play lotro, much better community, better graphics, not as much spam.

    Gave this 3 stars because its good value for money but i didnt like the game.