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    Bargain price of 64.79 on play.com and 60 MB/s make this 16GB card an excellent choice for anyone with a good DSLR, although I would recommend using 2GB,4GB or 8GB should you be worried about losing photos. 16GB is a lot of photos to lose in one go so I normally use 8GB instead, pros often carry 2GB or 4GB to avoid losing 100's of photos should a card be dammaged or lost. On holiday I back up photos to my laptop, just in case.

  2.  WINDOW WASHER 2008 It should be called!


    Normally you can give Window Washer 10/10 for what it does BUT as Webroot haven't updated it it over 2 years it's a bit cheeky calling it 2010. Also it DOES NOT clean your browser history in Firefox since it changed from Firefox 2.0. You need to clean history manually in Firefox. Easy to do just don't expect Window Washer to do it! I guess webroot don't sell as many copies of this as spy sweeper hence why no upgrades, but if they ever sort out the Firefox bug it's great!

    You can also create an eraser disk (cd or floppy) to DELETE ALL DATA on your hard drive should you wish to sell on your pc with an EMPTY hard drive so it is worth buying for this also.

    Not perfect, but still a RECOMMENDED BUY! :)



    Nero 6 is far better. As i use my pc to remove viruses and spyware from other pc's i format and reinstall my pc far more than most users. According to nero this means you must be a criminal and their patent activation on certain parts of nero stops working!!

  4.  BRILLIANT! AMAZING! Better than Finding Nemo? Maybe......


    Outstanding animated film. Some say better than Finding Nemo!
    A great dvd for kids and adults, although this DVD is NOT WIDESCREEN (you can buy it on play.com as widescreen edition)

    One of the best storylines EVER by Pixar and very original. It's so good when Disney Pixar decided on a Collectors Double Pack they put Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc together. If you only buy 1 dvd this year make it Monsters Inc.

  5.  Not as good as I hoped, but still worth watching.


    The one thing I liked about all else was after a brief start with them as kids you have sabertooth and wolverine going to war during the civil war?, 1st, 2nd world war, vietnam etc. It was great to watch them surving many wars and kicking ass! Maybe not true to original comics, but as I haven't read them I didn't enjoy it. Rest of the film not as good but still worth watching.



    The writer obviously needs cash but had a very limited budget. the plot and filming (on Coronation street set) was all about saving as much money as possible. SHAMEFUL! Anyone who FAILED to notice that was asleep when watching it.
    This may even be WORSE than BURN AFTER READING!!!!

    Should have been an 18 to protect young children from being damaged. My friends who watched ALL of the Red Dwarf series thought it was RUBBISH!!
    If there is 1 DVD you DON'T watch this year MAKE IT THIS ONE.

  7.  Painful to wtach!


    One of the worst films I have seen for ages! Can't see why anyone liked even Brad Pitt fans. Saw this with friends almost everyone was falling asleep couldn't wait fot the end. As for Brad Pitt I can only guess he got killed off as he was bored making the film, maybe he had some washing to do. :) Thank God I didn't pay to see it in the cinema I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life watching this as it was.

  8.  Excellent Film


    A truly excellent film that doesn't hide the the violence living in a society where life is cheap and death is part of everyday life. I was surprised how much violence was shown for a 15, it could so easily be 18 rated. At 2.99 a bargain for Leonardo DiCaprio's performance as an actor. Titanic this film certainly isn't. :)

  9.  ACER 5633 but which one :)


    If your laptop came without the webcam it's the wrong model of the acer 5633. Acer did have at least 4 variations of the 5633, but any with the geforce go 7300 instead of the intel gma950 graphics do come with the webcam.
    There will be a code something like:
    Lx.ay30x.049. This will tell you the exact model of the 5633 you have. It could be the spec shown on the play website is wrong! I blame acer not play.com for this, acer make it a nightmare!
    If play can add the lx. Code or check the lx. Code against the spec they have shown, easy mistake to make i spent days finding the code variations to be sure i was buying the right spec when i bought mine.

  10.  Check that usb cable.


    The sound from this mp3 player isn't bad considering how cheap it is. However the headphones aren't great and cut out a lot so I use my own pair. The usb lead also stopped working after 3 days and no longer charges the player. Luckily I guessed it was the usb lead at fault and had another for my camera I could use to charge it.

    Easy to use and if you install the software that is on the mp3 player onto your pc you can use it to download a firmware update from the creative website.