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  1.  We want more!


    I have been patiently awaiting this true expansion pack. I was so disapointed with Biowares so called DownLoad Content. Let me just say if you love Dragon Age Origns and want more. Then I cant hesitate with my recomendation for getting this exapnsion pack. You get more and better spells! better armour! You can enchant! your armour now. You can even make your own rune stones, which is great. There are so many things I could mention. My only critism of this expansion pack is its simply not as long as origins. I hope the next expansion pack is as equal to lengh as origins. Just buy the game you wont be disapointed!

  2.  A good movie made better on bluray


    I will start off by saying this is a great classic movie. I wont say much about it because its a well known film from the 50's. It's one of those movies i always watch when its on tv. Normally around easter!

    Let me start off with the audio, it's dolby digial 1.0 192kbpps, I wasn't really expecting it to be 5.1 surround sound. Remember it is a film made in 1951. But the audio is good enough for me.

    Moving onto the video... The aspect ratio is 1.33.1, when you start watching it, its kind of like watching a 4:3 tv ratio, so if you have a high def widescreen monitor like me, it kind looks out of place, but the aspect ratio is correct, thats how it was origianlly, It's like a box shape. But once you get into the film you soon forget abou it.

    The colours are much better then the dvd or tv versions, the reds are very vivid, as are the purples, green and other colours. They do stand out for the age of the film. The faces have a much
    natural skin tone colour. The shadows and darkness are quite good, they are a nice dark black. The film does have a bit of grain but i have read other reviews on this title and apparently the grain has been reduced by using some kind grain reducing method.

    If your comparing this film to the later films that are currently being released like transformers or spiderman 3 then you wont be pleased with the results. But I will say the bluray version has improved the film, not by a huge mile, but its very pleasing.

    I would give this film a four out of five, If you love this film then I recomend getting it on bluray, but I would advise maybe holding out until this gets a bit cheaper, 8 quid seems a resnable price to me.

  3.  Great film!


    Well having been a fan of the riddick films for years I decided to purchase the original pitch black. And I wasn't disapointed. The blackness of the dark colours is very vivid. The sound is superb - its high def in 5.1! If your a fan of sci fi or you have this film on dvd i recomend you upgrade to the bluray edition. It just puts the dvd version to shame. It's a good level of bitrate and its encoded in VC1. I also recomend the chronicles or riddick. That looks even better

    You got to love bluray!

  4.  Fab!


    I have to agree with the other two reviewers. The bluray transfer is excellent. Both the image and sound are what bluray films are supposed to a be about. I cant recomend this film enough and its cheap at 13.99!

    Buy it you wont regret it!

  5.  Hot!


    The film just got better on bluray. I cant recomend this film enough.
    Video codec: MPEG-4 AVC
    English: PCM 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit) or Dolby Digital 5.1

    Buy it, you wont regret it!

  6.  A great film made great on bluray


    Well if you loved this film on dvd or standard definition tv, you will be blown away by the high def version. The video and sound is totaly amazing. The quality makes the dvd version look like a joke!

    I really recomend this film on bluray. It feels like your in the cinema

  7.  Just amazing! The film blew me away!


    Well this is the best batman film ever! Yes the original batman and batman returns were good, I liked the 50's era/comic book style of the those films. But this batman film has a real life feel about it. Heath leadger as the joker just makes the film outstanding. Much better then jack nickolson's joker! Right from the start your thrown into the film. I especially like the theme sound when there's a build up to some thing. Just little things like that make this a truely great film. I hate to admit this but i have now watched this about 12 times! I just love it!

    The video and sound are just brilliant. Video is encoded in VC-1 and audio is Dolby TrueHD 5.1.

    One small thing im not sure about was the switch between aspect ratios in the film. Between 2.40:1 and 1.78:1(for certain action scenes). I found it to be a sligh annoyance. I just wish they had kept it on one ratio. But i guess you get used to it.

    One word! Spectacular!

  8.  A great film made great on bluray


    As a transformers fan of the cartoon series in the 80's! I just had to buy this film! And I was not disapointed one bit.The acting was good! not oscar winning but still very entertaining. And i wasn't bothered by optimus primes new moving face! He never had one in the cartoons. And bumblebee was never a sports car in the cartoons! But I can overlook these small bits. Bring on transformers 2!

    The video is in Mpeg4 AVC and the quality just shines through. The colours are vivid and the animation of the transformers is just brilliant. The sound is encoded in high def(Dolby TrueHD 5.1) and if you have a big flatscreen tv with a speaker system you will be blown away!

    It gets my vote!

  9.  Good!


    Well as a fan of the transporter series I found the bluray version of transporter 2 very pleasing on the eye! It's a good bluray transfer.
    Video codec is MPEG-2 at a high enough bitrate. If only 20th Century Fox used mpeg-4 or a better coding. Then it would have no doubt got five out five. Audio is superb too! It's in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.

    As for the film its a highly entertaining action film. I would recomend this film.

  10.  A great film! made even better on bluray!


    This is a great film, there's no doubting that.

    As for the bluray transfer. Im very pleased with the results. The high def results are very pleasing on the eye. This film is also region free, which is handy if you have a multi-region bluray player.

    Audio is in dolby digital 5.1 and not in the high def audio. But i guess im being a bit too picky.

    Overal 4 out of 5.

    I would recomend adding this to your collection.