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  1.  Scary And Sexy


    Had lots of posters in my room but now only got one. This One!

  2.  "Goddag på dig!"


    This is a classic of perfect comedy of all time. This is the only film that made me laugh the whole film. Mel Brooks' direction for this is flawless and it is a shame he never make another comedy matches this. So many characters which are all perfect funny as hell. This masterpiece will never age and wear out at all.

    You must definitely get this outstanding DVD now. And everytime you feeling depress or ill, I promise you this film will put a great smile on your face. I couldn't help stop myself putting in the brilliant quotes from this DVD in my review box.

    "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy..."

    "I'm hurt! and I'm wet! and i'm still hysterical! No dont hit me!"

    "Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer."

    "That's our Hitler!"

    "I am the author. You are the audience. I outrank you!"

  3.  Commando 2: John Matrix And John Rambo


    This is a great fun game to play. Very cool shield mask that make me desperately want one to wear all the time. Brilliant graphics, good fun of Over The Top proud Americans cut-scenes. Your game partner do a good help for you which most games don't. Definitely a Kane And Lynch beater.

    And yet, so typical of EA gamemakers are always a big letdown down of lifespan of gameplay (2 to 4 hours). I thought Call Of Duty 4 is the shortest game and this game has beat it to it. I really wanted to love this game and buy this but too short and lack of excitments. You must play it and you'll love it but don't expect a lot from it.



    I really enjoyed the orginal of this game merely by the story to follow and the great jumpy bits. But this has taken it too far. OTT story, awful nightmare creatures, very short and the fighting combo combat. Worse of all about this game it is too dark. Most of the time when I play the game, I see nothing at all even though I put the brightness up high. So disappointed that makes me lose interest in the orginal. It has it moment, graphics are great (when we get to see something!), some jumpy bits and good acting from the main characters. Rent it anyway but don't buy it.

  5.  Call Of Magic 4: Best Game Ever (Nearly!)


    I love, love this game. Best gameplay, cut scenes, sounds, sets and everything else. Pure brilliant and best in the series yet but sadly this possible may be the shortest game in Xbox 360 so far (4 hours to 6 hours). It's painfully short and the game's over before you're getting properly started. I truly hope they'll make Call Of Cuty 5 five times longer to complete! Best game for rental ever but far too short to buy, sadly!

  6.  Overrated Game Ever!


    I haven't played the first two but be told that it the exact same. Well, there's nothing to remember about this game at all.
    Average graphic for Xbox 360, plain linear gameplay and painfully short. There's hardly a plot only if you call shooting Roger Rabbit's mates with laser guns a plot(?) Don't fall for the big reviewers, this is a very average forgetable game. Rent but don't buy it!

  7.  28 Same Weeks Later.


    Same old, same old. Zombie kill and puking blood. Yawn. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  8.  A Sci-Fi That'll Last Forever


    This is my one of my all time favourite film. It's offered everything, good plot, great actors, greats sets, funny moment, sexy actresses, tears moment and jaw-dropping scenes. Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott has never made a film that topped this masterpiece. Make sure you see this film and it's impossible to forget this beautiful film.

  9.  "I Am Beowulf"


    I went to see this film in IMAX 3D and I found it very entertaining. I really like this film, like it better than Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter rubbish. It was done by my all time favourite director Robert Zemeckis. And he never lets me down except for Contact and What Lies Beaneath.
    Story was excellent, very sexy, good scare (rough for children), and the action are great. The visual is great but not out of this world, same greatness visual as The Polar Express. See it on 3D and on DVD soon.

  10. 1408



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     Silent Hill 4: The Room 1408


    I was really looking forward to see this film after seeing the trailer. It's great fun and got some funny moment in it. It's remind me alot from a video game Silent Hill 4 which it got the same idea but this film is less gory and blood which most people can watch.
    I found it very entertaining all along but the ending was which I found it quite flat. Felt that they didn't know how to make a good ending. But this DVD offered a better ending than I went to cinema. Good film better than most horror films.