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  1.  pleasently surprised!


    i am a massive max payne fan, i loved the first and second games and when a third was announced i was very happy. i wasn't expecting much from this game, the setting had changed wildly from grimy new york streets to sao paulo.
    then i started playing it. it is an amazing game, the setting change is explained and ties in with the max payne character and background. the bullet time is back and just as good as ever. the addition of a cover system is welcomed as it makes it easier to battle with your foes. there are plenty of weapons available and the addition of a golden guns is a fun addition.
    The Last Man Standing mechanic is also a great addition, it gives Max a chance to stay alive and not die, it gives you a small period if he has one painkiller on him in which you are able to kill the enemy that delivered the wounding shot with bullets and he will recover enough energy to carry on.
    There are Arcade Modes which bring bonus shootout challenges to the single-player game experience, it features Score Attack and the return of the classic New York Minute mode from the first two Max Payne games.
    i noticed a review which mentions COD and other shooters but i disgaree with this comment. its a welcome change of pace with new and old ideas bought together.
    Overall i am very glad i bought this game as it builds on the old legend of max payne and does it justice. i recommend this game and rate it quite highly!

  2.  fun fun fun


    this game is really fun! great sharp crisp graphics and an easy to pick up control type makes this game tons of fun, even if you dont like rayman the vivid colours and easy to play controls make this a lot of fun. you can pick it up, play it for 5 minutes then put it down, theres no need for deep thought you can just play it and have fun. did i mention the game is fun? theres tons to do and unlock aswell

  3.  a great game


    i am a MASSIVE bond fan, i liked quantom of solace which was great and blood stone which was a great game and slated very unjustly. so i decided to pick this up. at first glance it seems like a new game, better graphics, daniel craig at the helm and it is not at all the same as the n64 version. its a remake that actually holds up even if it does change a lot. the story relatively stays in tact and i prefer craig to brosnan anyway. the gameplay is easy to jump into as anyone who plays any type of shooter the controls are pretty similar and even if you dont its easy to get to grips with.
    overall the game is very well done and although does not stay true to the original it holds up and plays well and i found it a very good play and at a cheap price id urge any bond or even shooter fan to purchase it

  4.  awesome game, awesome price


    firstly it is like a cross between a great zombie game, hack and slash and a as other people have pointed out hostel.
    secondly the gameplay is quite fun, swinging your arms as if your actually slashing and stabbing the enemies, crouching down when you need to crouch, pushing doors open in one swift motion. only problem i found is with the walking it can get very frustrating when it wont register your steps especially in the heat of battle and the turning can be annoying aswell using your shoulders it can be quite sensitive but that is fixed when a lot of the game you can use auto and it sends you where you need to go.
    the story is quite good too, your wife been kidnapped and you having to set out in search of her, trapped on a twisted island with frights around every corner.
    thirdly for 10pound it is well worth the punt, in my view it should at least be 30pound , for a tenner you cant go wrong and may aswell take a punt on it and if you dont like it you have only wasted a tenner rather than the 30/40pound it is been sold for everywhere else.
    overall i'd give this game 8/10 marred only by the walking which is frustrating but managable.

  5.  4 stars too much?


    if you have played the dead rising 2 you might wonder why i have given something which is the same as its original 4 stars, but i9snt that the point? its the same game with frank west added so that in itself makes it a great game. the addition of sandbox mode makes this game have more appeal. if you have played the original i would say there is little to bother with here as its essentially the same game with a different character so i would not suggest it but if you skipped over dead rising 2 you might want to pick this up, as its just as much fun if not slightly better but if you have dead rising 2 in your back catalogue i would just buy the 2 DLC games offered as there is not much new you can get from this.

  6.  a great game


    i am not that far into it but so far its impressive. the graphics are really good, think fallout3 but a bit better. i heard the AI was a problem but so far i have encountered no problems. the gameplay is solid, what you can expect from a game these days, shooting isnt a problem and aiming is easy. the story is really good, which is important, its easy to follow and very good. overall id give this game an 8/10 and for 10pound you cnt rly lose, well worth the money

  7.  really good game


    i think its awesome, the putting is so much better and really helps you gage your power on your swing. the live challenges are an awesome addition as you can test your skills against other players or even the current pros on the latest tournaments. i think ea have done really well in making tiger 10 better than tiger 09. a must buy for golf fans

  8.  omg haha


    its so much fun!!!!!!! its like the old gta games style with all the new add-ons!!!! and u dnt have to rely on missions for money, u can sell drugs at a profit XD i find it more fun than gta4 atm. easy to control, good tutorial for everything that goes on, explains what u have to do. i recommend this game for everyone!!!!!! probly one of the best ds games out there. they have done a great job converting it. takes me back to the glory days of the old gta games on ps1. i wasnt even sure id like it bought it on a hunch and based on reviews, glad i did one of the best games ive played in a while :)

  9.  haha its amazing


    Peep show, series 1-5, £18!!!! Why not buy it. Its hilariously funny, the first person perspective adds a new dimension and its not stop thrills and laughs all the way!!!

  10.  ive waited a while for a film i could really say i loved


    I havent read the book so i cant compare it to that. I am a massive jim carrey fan and anyone who is will love this film. He does an amazing job in this film. I laughed so much and im definatly buying the dvd. The story is excellently written and i am definatly going to buy the book to see what its like. One of the most amazing films ive seen in awhile. This is a comedy film but it brings an important message, just by saying yes can change your life. Been too restrictive can force you into a repetitive boring life. Its a film that should be embraced by all and used as a spring board to better your life.