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  1.  Don't be fooled !!


    Now, beofre i got my hands on this game, I thought, like many, that this was a version of Guitar Hero for the DS. Soon after picking up the game i realised it was nothing like it.

    It looks to me like a way of playing acoustic guitar without knowing the chords. It has a list of songs which aren't that great in my opinion, which you can follow and play.

    I am not very familiar with the guitar but I honestly think that it would be more worthwhile to get a guitar and practice on that. I'm sure the features available on this game are also available on the internet.

    I really wouldn't reccomend buying this unless you understand FULLY what it is and still want to buy it.

    I would give it a 2 star rating, but because I do not fully understand the point of the game I think i might be missing something. I give this a poor 5/10 and really, don't spend more than £10 on this.

  2.  Well earned, 4 Star !!


    Now, if you're a Worms fan, you won't be expecting too much in terms of new features, but they've really added some cool things on this version of Worms.

    Now, I payed a whopping £19 for this game a few months ago. I didn't really think the game was fantastic value for money after playing it a few days. However, at a discounted price of £9.99 for example, this game is worth the entertainment it provides.

    If you're looking for a game that is Wi-Fi enabled and easy to play other people, this is a prime candidate. Along with Metroid: Prime Hunters and MArio Kart DS, this game has one of the best Wi-Fi gameplays I have experienced. If you feel like having a quick game against someone, you can and it's pretty easy to start playign online.

    If you haven't got Wi-Fi access, you're better off going for a different game. Although this is fun for a while, it does get boring and you'll find yourself putting it down after a week or two of good gameplay.

    The amount of weapons avauilable is also a plus. There are so many more and what makes it even better is that there are sets tom play with on Wi-Fi mode. This means tactics have to be developed with different sets. Will you play it out till the water sinks your opponent? Or will you blast them to bits with missiles?

    The game recieved a decent 4 stars, mainly because of it's Wi-Fi capability but nevertheless it's still a fun game that anyone can get into. It's easy to get the hang of and fun for anyone. I'd say it's on the low side of 4 stars, giving it a well earned 7/10.

    Fantastic game, but only at the right price.

  3.  Great Value for Money


    When I bought this game off Play.com, it was selling for £9.99 in the sale. I was interested in buying a shooter, which I am not usually good at.

    I found the control very easy to get used to and found myself playing the game endlessly. It's very fun, especially for the price.

    You have the oppurtunity to get down 'n' dirty with Automatic weapons or keep your distance and snipe people. You get to control tanks and recon units. After each level you get a rank. It lists how many headshots, granade, tank and vehicle kills you made.

    The onyl reason I haven't given it 5 Stars is because it is quite short. DOesn't take a long to complete, but you have to oppurtunity to play each of the 3 campaigns in different difficulies in order to agin all 5 medals available.

    For £9.99 this game is AWESOME and well worth every penny. Very fun and easy for new players to get to grips with. Highly recomended.