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  1.  Dirty Harry in London


    Sir Michael Caine is Harry Brown... a former Army man, trying to survive in the jungle. The "punks" that Uncle Clint loved to shoot in Dirty Harry were no angels... but they are choirboys compared to the criminals Harry Brown depicts with such a realism that you're wondering if you're watching a movie or living a nightmare.
    Forget all you think you know about London... this side of London, you wish you had never seen it existed until Harry Brown catches speed, rhythm.
    Michael Caine gives yet another magnificent performance and his vigilante character has not to blush compared to Dirty Harry.
    Where Harry Brown differs from Dirty Harry is in the realism of the scenario, and the complete lack of humor. (with a few exceptions)
    That's the only downside... it is really a HEAVY movie and you won't be unmoved.
    The Harry Palmer series are cartoons for kindergarten kids compared to Harry Brown, while Dirty Harry though considered violent and brutal back in the days is a drive in the park on a sunny Summer afternoon.
    Be prepared for blood, true realism, raw violence, guts splattered on your telly but don't close your eyes anymore...the world depicted in Harry Brown does exist. Gangs of hardened criminals barely 18 is a sad reality and you wish there were more Harry Browns around.

  2.  1 star bc not possible to give less


    It's another shameful attempt at reviving a franchise that went from outstanding (the first movie of course) to complete rubbish.
    Save your money, run for your wallet.
    JCVD appears merely 25 mins tops in the entire movie... and Dolph appears roughtly 5 mins...
    The remaining hour 10 is filled with nonsensical action, bad acting, ...oh and half of the dialogues are actually in Russian!
    The movie was shot in Russia...played by Russians for Russians and guess what...with Russian money.
    Two words to sum up: UNIVERSAL LETDOWN

  3.  Better than third, not as good as Cameron's


    To be honnest, can any Terminator movie ever beat TII? I don't think so. I'll skip the movie review in itself and focus on the specs.
    The version sold allover Europe by Sony (Warner has the rights for US market) is a combo disc with the theatrical cut (114 mins) and Director's cut (118 mins).
    Image quality is top notch, sound is really deep and the effects rendered through the DTS HD soundtrack are excellent.
    For those wondering why a Director's cut running a mere 4 mins longer than theatrical...rumor has it MCG has a real Director's cut running 20 to 30 mins longer but i may be be wrong or it may simply never be released.
    The famous "boobs" scene is indeed included in the Director's cut and no, you can't see anything, so why bother cutting in the first place???

  4.  Very Good tranfer - DTS HD not at its best


    There's no point arguing about whether the movie is good or bad or average...tastes and colour...
    What matters to Blu-Ray buyers is the image quality and HD sound feeling.
    In terms of image, and contrarily to what the first reviewer thinks...it is a very strong transfer, blacks are solid, contrasts are good and colours can be vibrant when desired. The whole atmosphere is dark, so is the colour range, a bit sombre at times and not overly bright, it is clearly how the director wanted it. As for grain, it's minimal, almost none.
    The only reason i wouldn't give the disc a 5 stars is the DTS HD soundtrack that fails to deliver the punch I felt with Knowing or Transporter III

  5.  All that glitters is not gold


    At first sight, it looks like "GREAT, a new addition to my Queen live DVDS" but once you put the dvd on play, you notice it looks very familiar though it's supposed to be a new release.
    In fact, Brian May, businessman as he is, managed to release the Montreal show exactly as it was released previously under the title "We will rock you", already a dvd restored with DTS sound.
    The positive aspect is that Rock Montreal goes even further in image digital mastering and sound quality.
    The Live Aid section offers a great addition... pitty the image has not been better restored.
    All in all, a nice live dvd but apart from the 6 Live Aid tracks, nothing new.