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  1.  A good soid buy!


    As per the review above, agree completely. Good value for a decent set of balls.

  2.  Charming throwback to adventure rpg-ing


    Great-looking game, with features very reminiscient of Zelda on the SNES.
    Plays smoothly, very short load times between screens (not much of a problem) and funny, engaging storyline.
    Probably more enticing to gamers of 8 and 16-bit classics, but fun old fare nontheless, especially if you're into this type of game.
    Definitely recommend a go. If in doubt check out gameplay vids - they're quite representative (tho not of the buzz you get from actually playing it!!). Go get it!!

  3.  Wow!!


    What a gem of an item! Just delivered today, and though it's small, it delivers BIG!! It certainly doesn't knock out any serious bass, but I was truly impressed by the volume and clarity of sound. All from such a neat little package. Am actually gonna get another, just to hook 2 up!! May even go nuts and get more...

  4.  Oh Dear... they just couldn't be bothered, could they.


    What a shame this game was released on the ps2. In hindsight I'd have been more satisfied with the disappointment of not being able to get it, than the disappointment of having played it...

    We waited so long for a ps2 version, and, when it finally came, I was muchly excited!! Too bad, then, that it was nothing in comparison with the ps3 version's description. I actually thought it was broken when I first played it..

    Pros - not many. I guess it was entertaining in its own right, but it can't be called a new game, much less "the latest and greatest"..
    There were times when it was atmospherically isolated, but that's probably because they removed most of the enemies.

    Cons - Too easy - I guess I've played too many of these. When you expect to get attacked, you didn't. The puzzles are mere distractions, not challenges. Glitchy movements, bad camera, disappointing graphics - the list goes on (AI, slowdown etc)

    Compared with Anniversary (brilliant fun, looked great) and Legend (short, but much more fun and responsive), this shouldn't have been released - especially with so many bugs. Come on Eidos/crystal dynamics - pull your socks up.

    Anyway, perhaps I should stop complaining! I should just buy a ps3 - if that's the best you're going to do for ps2?? I thought there was still life in it yet - not with these dregs of digital drudgery!

    Avoid if you still want to sympathise with Lara at the end..