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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo Wii

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     missing some key elements means a let down for wii users


    I was eagerly anticipating the wii version of fifa 11 after seeing ps3 and xbox 360 reviews.

    To put it simply.. not alot has changed from fifa 10 and if you ask me, EA have got very lazy with this version.

    the whole game still has that cartoony feel to it which makes it look so unrealistic. many of the players faces are in-accurate and something small but soo annoying.... there are no weather effects whatsoever. its just sunny and dry all year round. you cant even play at night.
    at times i felt like i wasn't totally in control of the game and it felt a bit un-realistic because tackling and passing reminds me of the early ps1 games.
    thank goodness EA have got rid of that annoying slow motion thing when you shoot but you still get an annoying line that follows your shot. passing can be quick and fun but in online mode it often lags behind and becomes frustrating.

    i was so disappointed with the overall feel of this game, it feels cheap and unrealistic. yes all the teams are fully licensed and the commentary is ok but little details matter to me and EA have got sloppy with this version. they have just updated a few things

    a new feature is the 5 -a-side mode which can be cool but gets dull after a while.

    if your after an arcade style football game with some good elements but not very realistic, this is for you. it seems to be aimed at the younger audience to me.

    sorry to disappoint fans but i will be swapping this for pro evo 2011 very soon.

  2.  great but incomplete!


    prison break is back and its awesome, 4 discs i here you say? wel yes its not as long as previous 2 seasons. this is simply because of the writers strike. therefore what your buying is not infact the complete season more just the majority of it, its left on a bit of a cliffhanger wondering whats next for michael and linc. what happens before is great tho. its a shame it wasnt finished and we have to wait til next year to find out the next installment. however in a way this is bette rthan producing something brand new for a 4th season as i feel the format is getting a bit samey.
    so all in all its exciting, action packed and surprising, just a shame it is cut short and then called a season rather then 3/4 of a season
    still buy itt!!!!!!!!

  3.  prity cool until the ending


    not a bad film, its intersting seeing empty streets of New york, however the ending is really poor and your left with a sense of dissapointment, ther is an alternative ending on the dvd. worth a watch once but not again, however as usual will smith acts prity well

  4.  truly awful one too far


    this movie is so awful. almost all of it is in the dark and the story line is so bad its a joke. ok so the first saw film was good but they really should of stopped at saw 3 because it is saw overkill. ther is nothing particularly scary and the whole idea now bores me. just leave saw alone its not worth the hype. its dead. jigsaw is dead so is amanda so the writers come up with awful ideas that is just an excuse to make another poor film. pleas no more saw films!

  5.  appalling boring storyline


    this is a truly awful movie the story is boring, it moves at about the pace of a slug, nothing remotely exciting happens and i nearly fell asleep. i cannot remember anything good about this film. unless your obsessed with johnny depp, avoid this poor effort at a film

  6.  still the best


    its so old now but still looks realistic. its still my favourite film. nothing after had been as good for story and excitement. raptors in the kitchen and the t rex escaping still continue to impress me. if you havent seen this film, where have you been

  7.  poor but vaguely interesting


    the bes part of this movie is the last 10 minutes, despite the nagative reviews here it isnt the worst film ever as it gives a good insight into how frightening it would be to be trapped in the ocean all alone faced with a choice of death from the sharks or from drowning, most of the film is boring tho and the camera angles get frustrating after a wile, worth seeing once and once only, if you like sharky stories

  8.  just not what i thought


    ok dont get me wrong. this movie will keep u entertained however considering how long this took to put together it simply isnt that funny. sure ther are a few amusing parts but to be honest the story line is dull ,some key characters dont even appear or only make brief appearences. its also prity short and the ending is poor. i was hoping for lots of laughing but i think i laughed a bit once. a poor effort if you ask me and for me the family guy movie is still much more hillarious. p.s i dont see why people find the whole spider pig part funny because it just isnt. if your sitting down for an evening to watch this it will keep u entertained but it wont leave u wanting more and laughing about it. poor effort