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  1.  Dissapointing


    The game for some reason has become very, very difficult. I'm yet to have a successful game despite numerous attempts. I'm not saying im the best player out there but i haven't had a problem in previous versions of this game. I'm was managing Chelsea and struggling in 12th half way through the season. Out of the FA Cup, went out of CL in the group stage, out of the League Cup, then got sacked. I wasn't doing anything obviously wrong.

    I can't figure out whether they've made the game much harder, or the game just doesn't work as well this year. Either way i've had it for a while and rarely enjoyed any success whatsoever, and haven't really enjoyed playing it.

  2.  Poor Game


    Unexpectedly poor game. Very similar to last years but feels like you're playing on x2 speed...

  3.  Spot On.


    The past few years have been somewhat of a transition for PES, and not a particularly pleasant one.

    This years version uses the same game engine, but builds on prevous versions and irons out any annoying bugs. The goalies are fixed, finesse shots added, lobs are now possible, various tricks added, new first touch controls etc etc.

    It really is a thoroughly enjoyable game, which hasn't come out my PS3 since i bought it.

  4. Bruno



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     So, so bad.


    One of the worst films i have ever seen. Its amazing how stuff like this even gets released.

    Its the sort of film that is only suitable for 18+, obviously. But the jokes in it would only make people younger than that laugh. Borat was brilliant, as it had the crude moments, but they were hilarious at the same time. This is just a vulgar film, that very occasionally contains something funny.

  5.  Why the wait?


    God knows what polyphony have been doing to make the development time for this game so long. I was expecting big, big things from a game thats been waited for for so long. But to be honest i really dont see any worthwhile advances at all from GT4.

    The special events are ridiculous. Go off the track once and you're disqualified. Which for me sucked the fun out of them immediately, making them more of a chore.

    The graphics of the cars are great, as expected. But there are very few, if any (?) new tracks, and the off circuit graphics arent the best.

    All in all its a good game. But games like this are churned out year in year out by other companies, so why on earth did this game take so long to make!?

  6.  Let down by a terrible campaign mode.


    Had the game for a week now, and as i have done with all COD games, i played through the campaign before playing online. I must say i've always enjoyed the COD campaign modes but this years campaign has a number of floors and irritations.

    Firstly, and this isnt a constant problem, but at times the AI of the enemy and your teamates can be utterly ridiculous. I mean i've had enemies standing behind me and my team, not shooting. I've had enemy shooting at someone 10 meters away, when im standing about a meter away from them. To put simply, you'll see a lot of strange things with the AI in this game. Although annoying at times, it isnt really a major problem.

    What suprised me this year is how dull the missions are. I've always liked the variation in previous COD's. What with sniper missions, stealth missions etc. But this year, sniper and stealth missions are few and far between, and generally not that fun. They have added in the use of helicopter based missions, and the control of a spy plane. But to be honest, i found it all a bit boring. This years campaign is one of wave after wave of destruction at times. As a result, for me at least it became a bit monotinous.

    A further problem i found with the campaign was the ridiculous way in which its set out. You spend most of you time flashing back to this room, where you are being interrogated by a man whose voice becomes immensely annoying. It came to the point where i often lost the will to listen.

    Multiplayer is much the same as previous renditions, despite a few additions. It seems the majority of the focus has been placed on customisation, which to me isnt really important.

    All in all its a decent game, but single player isnt even worth playing this year in my opinion.

  7.  Superb


    I remember being really excited about COD WAW, and then stopped playing it after 3 or 4 days. It was a real letdown.

    This game however is brilliant. In going back to the modern approach, they have re-introduced everything that was so good about COD4. Yet then improved it in almost every area. With customisable killstreak rewards, throwing knives (so much fun!) etc etc.

    This is my view on the multiplayer as i started that when i got home at 5, and have only just stopped playing (7:30). I havent even had a go on single player yet. But i would bet my house that it is great!

  8.  I just dont get it....


    I dont see how people can give 5* to this game. I used to, when i realised pro evo was all about the fun gameplay and not the realism. But now the gameplay isnt fun, its not realistic and the only thing that is good is the graphics.

    One thing that bugs me hugely is the player animations. Everytime they turn its the equivalent of them doing a dummy shot. They look like a bunch of overexagerated robots.

  9. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     Not much to say really...


    Its good dont get me wrong, but nothing has really changed since last year.

    Photo gameface simply doesnt work, being a big addition thats not a great start. None of the online stuff works apart from the actual game itself. Eg. liveseason doesnt work and the rest of that stuff.

    Gameplay is still good, definately better than pro evo, but nothing much has changed

  10.  Nothing like as good as you think...


    There is so much hype about this game, and i really dont see why. Fair enough the map is huge and the graphics are decent. But other than that there is no reason to buy this game.

    A word that springs to mind is boring. The quests are boring, more like chores. You just travel place to place finding people/things, and giving them to other people/things. Jobs are ridiculousy boring, all jobs consist of just pressing 1 button at the right time to pour a pint, chop some wood etc.

    The dialogue is boring, and not to mention incredibly slow. The people tend to finish a sentace and then just leave 5 seconds gap. So you walk off, and then they start talking again.

    I expected an enthralling game which would draw you into a story like Oblivion etc. do. But i played this for 2 hours, and then just realised that i wasnt having any fun whatsoever.