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  1.  An addictive read!


    Pick up Brighton Babylon even if you've never been there in real life. You will be walked around the bars and streets with Peter as he introduces you to his friends and enemies. Live with Peter and Frau at their apartment, follow them both to work and play. Enjoy their neighbours' parties and arguments, and watch the homeless drunks out of his window. Have plenty of coffee just so you can stay awake and read more at night!
    I loved the book, even without my usual robots and spacecraft. I hope he has some in the next book, but I'm sure it'll be as rivetting either way.

  2.  Enjoyable


    It took a while to get into the campaign, but the control system is fairly good, the graphics nice and the nostalgia factor massive.
    The AI on vehicles is really shoddy at times and I hope they develop a multi-player option eventually.

  3.  Great quality for the price


    The flag is well made and durable, much better than I was expecting for this price. The white edge has two brass-ringed eyelets for attaching to a pole.
    Ours has been outside for a few weeks now showing no sign of wear and tear in the wind and rain. No fading in the sun. The material does absorb water so hangs low in rain, but quickly dries out.

  4.  Huge improvement over the DVD version


    I had the first release on VHS, then the DVD. The Blu-Ray is simply a massive improvement over video and audio quality. Don't be confused by the NTSC description, this is a 1080i encode and plays normally on any UK system.

  5.  Really nice quality coasters


    Sturdy coasters with a fine printed design with a cork backing and black edge-trim. I've been using mine a few weeks and they are looking as good as new.

  6.  Great to see the film properly


    It's remarkable that a film of this age has survived so well. It's easy to watch and listen and forget that it was made so long ago. The restoration is simply lovely.
    There's a healthy selection of extras that are almost as interesting as the movie itself.

  7.  Great for ipod or iphone


    These sit securely over your ear and very flush, so suitable for under helmets without tugging loose. The inline slider volume control includes a function button (start/stop) and a mic.
    The only major drawback is that these will NOT work in my Galaxy S2 phone at all, although my desktop PC played audio fine.

  8.  Bargain brilliance


    This is a great collection of music, and nicely separated across the CDs into various moods. You can easily pick up one to match your needs and listen to it.

  9.  Perfect quality


    Worth every penny and a perfect stackable fit. Worth fitting just to protect your lens from damage. Makes clouds more interesting too.

  10.  Excellent quality


    Why waste money on a cheap lens from ebay when you've spent so much on your camera? Get a proper brandname filter. This Hama is stackable and easy to fit, with the rod to rotate the filter easy to find when you've glued to the viewfinder.