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  1.  Quality


    Ok to begin this is the first assassins creed but it is bigger and better in just about everyway, the ground rules are essentially the same as the first but little tweaks just make it that much better. To begin, I will discuss the gameplay. This is much more open and free than in the first assassins creed, in the first it was gather information in a very limited number of ways then kill somebody, this time it is much more open with an increased number of mission types. The stealth mechanics are very clever allowing you to manipulate crowds for example by throwing money to move the crowd or by shoving people in it. The free running is much the same but I can't complain as I thought it was brilliant in the first game. The combat system is much the same with a few little added touches e.g. stealing enemy weapons to use against them. There is also the addition of money which was missing from the first game, this enables you to purchase all kinds of weapons and armours, just adds another nice little touch. One of the best additions is the addition of the ability to swim, which as anyone who played the first one knows that when free running drowning really ruins the feel. Graphically its better than the first which I find surprising as assassins creed 1 was very good graphically, but this just steps it up further making the game again more to enjoy. Although great graphics comes at a price apparently with drops in the framerates when there is a lot happening on the screen at that moment. The achievements aren't for annoying things like finding 100's of flags they are just for things that could actually happen in gameplay eg. Spend X amount of money here. The story is longer than the original also taking me around 15 hours to complete the main quests and is better with some very nice cut-scenes driving then game along.
    Overall I would definitely recommend it to anybody because the numerous little improvements add up to a massive jump in quality and the frame rate issues are not a cause for concern when the rest is this good.

  2.  Poor At Best


    The idea to this game is really good, im now halfway through and thats all it is a good idea. The story to the game is the only redeeming feature, the graphics are not up to the usual shooter standard and to controls are unresponsive and sluggish. Enemy A.I is badly animated and the guns are blocky and inaccurate. An awful game reminds me of hour of victory, enough said.

  3.  Gears of Phwoor


    Im a big fan of the game and this wallet caught my eye, thought I would purchase it being as I needed a new wallet. Its a great item not seen it in any shops, whats not shown is the inside of the wallet which has more logos and writing. It has 3 card slots and a change pouch which is fastened by a press stud, all in all a practical wallet with a decent design. Leaves your mates jealous :-)

  4.  Nowhere near Fight Night


    This game has some really good aspects but its not as good as Fight Night Round 3. Career mode is good and in depth and there is a wide range of boxers to choose from there are some problems with the movement of the fighters is not the best and some punches thrown go through the fighters which is frustrating, Fight Night really made an effort with the knockout camera this has tried to follow suit but it is nowhere near what it should be, overall i would say a rental game, for more fun buy Fight Night.

  5.  Why dont more people play this??


    Being a fan of FPS games I decided to give this a go. Recently I have been comparing most games to Call Of Duty and none have come close, this game on the other hand is a very close second. The single player as reported is very short but the online makes up for that in so many ways. The controls are nice and smooth and the graphics are nice which makes for great gameplay. My only problem is that not many people play this game any more online which is shocking considering how good it is. If you have some spare money and want a game this is the one to buy. Brilliant.

  6.  Brill


    Seen this shirt had to buy it. brilliant and original design, looks exactly like the pictures, spot on t-shirt. mates all want one now.

  7.  Yipee kia ay.....


    Nice little figure from a great film. Detail is nice on John but the stand is a little flimsy.

  8.  Reading, Not For Me, Untill....


    First of all im not a big reader infact I would rather watch a film. Or so I thought, This book was so good it actually changed me. I am now an avid reader and enjoy books which I never thought i would say and all because of this book. Dan Brown's story is so well researched and written that its hard to fault, the characters are believeable and you feel yourself getting to know them. I found myself saying "just another chapter" untill there were no more left. Everyone should own this book, brilliant.

  9.  Curious? Prepare to be scared.


    Great book full of facts and things you really dont need to know. but some of the contents are scary for instance you will want to be moving your toothbrush after reading believe me. Well worth a read just so you can impress your mates with the odd bit of trivia.

  10.  Dated Gaming....


    But still awesome!!!! I love this collection of classics. Got a psp and used to have a mega drive. I invite you to re-live your childhood.