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  1.  Dont Brick It Go & Buy Indy Lego !


    For those who dont already know Lego have already done a 'Film to Lego' conversion with Star Wars, which was and still is a fantastic and a must have game for the PSP. Indy still has retained the greatness that made Lego Star Wars, with its 'close' to film story board, unique Lego humour, and great playability. The Game is very pick up and play, and there are lots of puzzles to keep all ages and skills entertained.
    The only bad thing about the game is although the character moves are a little different to the Star Wars version, you might find it a bit easy, as you will already be use to what you have to do to be able to complete the levels and games. This in turn made me be able to complete 100 % of the game in a week. If you dont mind this, and want another fun chapter to the Lego franchise dont let it deter you from buying another classic PSP title.

  2.  Wow for G.O.W!


    Real treat of a game that's basically a Greek mythology
    /scrolling beat em up/quest. Very challenging game that boasts some of the biggest and hardest bosses on the PSP.
    The game pushes the PSP to its limits and boy does it show, with fluid graphics, thumpin' Sound FX and a great score all are amazing, but all this 'polish' n garnish DOES NOT sacrafice a great game.
    Even after you complete it there are lots more bonus and challanges that will still await you. One tip (especially if bonus games etc aren't your thing) when you 1st play the game, start on Normal/Hard modes or you will complete it in a couple of days. But thats me being picky!

  3.  Ready! Aim! Fire!


    If you had the original Worms on the PS1 (2D version NOT 3D) or other consoles, and loved it you will def love this, but it will also suit Lemmings fans aswell.

    Playability of the orignal is unchanged, but now boasts extra improvements of polished up graphics more weaponary and a challenge option.

    The great bit is being able to play against a friend on one PSP or some one else ANYWHERE wia WI/FI or WLAN so makes this a great game to play for a very, very long time.

  4.  More catchy than a cold!


    What an album you can def hear the AC/DC/ Motley Crue style influences behind this great Australian band. If you like good old fashioned Rock 'n' Roll this is for you.

  5.  PSP loses weight 'n' looks great !


    This is a vast improvement lighter, thinner and better speakers. Graphically superior to DS + the benefit of being able to play UMD movies.(Great for long haul flights)I had the original and as mentioned in previous reviews PSP Lite is a lot less clunkier! I love the fact I can plug it in to my LCD T.V and play games/movies full size. (Component lead required & also check your TV compatability 1st though)

  6.  Get up to the starting block!


    This game is really ALL the Ridge Racer games, tracks & cars from the PS 1 & 2 consoles + more, overhauled, polished & put together in one package,

    Game play is spot on from the originals and it'll keep you entertained for months to come (dont know why, but it feels a lot more challenging than the originals!!) R.R2 goes up there in the 'must have' games to own on the PSP.

  7.  Do me a favour & plug me in to a SEGA!


    Take a trip down memory lane with this bumper bundle of Mega Drive games! Some of the choices for the collection are excellent some are questionable and even some not ever released in the UK! The save feature on some of the games is a god send, so gone are the original days of having to pause the game, to go and have your tea! Extra unlockable Very old skool games, interviews, museum and cheat sheet,are also nice bonus. £17 for the pack is an absolute bargain, the pack only misses 4/5 Stars due to the fact some of the games chosen are just as bad now as the were back in the 90's (e.g Golden Axe III) Lets hope that Sega spawn a sequel set soon.

  8.  Want some Candy?!


    The 1st thing that hits you is how great the graphics and sound FX/music score are for the PSP. Levels have depth and clarity, and the Predator is fantastic, with all its original and new weaponary avaliable to hunt your prey. Once youve got around the complex control system it becomes an enjoyable romp. Predator fans will love it! The only fault I have with is it is too easy I completed it in 2 days which is a big let down for £25.