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  1.  I Love Golf!


    Just saw that this game is going for €14, this is the biggest steal ever for the game that it is. There must be something wrong with you if you don't buy this game for this price.
    Online play in this game is great. It uses Friend Codes, but you can also play anyone in the world using the random match maker option. I cant help but think that this game would work just as well with the Classic Controller, but the swing mechanic works well and gets you up and involved. Great family game and even I myself (not a die hard golf fan) can get a lot of fun out of this. Supports Mii's too and also Local Multiplayer.

  2.  Oh Dear!


    I had high hopes for this one as the team that brought us the awesome ExciteBike 64 were on board for this Wii offering, but needless to say my hopes were crushed about 10 minutes in of play time. Some horrible graphics in this game, and the gameplay mechanics just dont work. Music in this game is very generic, its just lacking ALOT of polish. Seems like a rushed effort which is a real shame as this title had potential.
    Anyone looking for Adrenilin racing should go for ExciteTruck

  3.  Easily A Five Star Affair!


    This is.... as someone else said "The Perfect Game". Beautiful graphics really showcasing what the Wii is capable of. Stunning locals that drip with Mario goodness and physics that are mind bendingly impressive and fun to play! Plenty to do in this game, so you will definetly get you're monies worth! An essential purchase for the Wii, I'd nearly buy it twice!

  4.  A Hero Of A Game


    This game is an essential purchase for any self respecting Wii owner who has even the slightest interest in the FPS genre. Amazing controls, Dare I say the best controls ever to grace a Home Console. If you have an internet connection this game could last you you're lifetime.... or at least the EA Servers lifetime.
    The game isnt visually impressive, and the're is the odd glitch or 2 thrown in, but dont let that affect you're decision on purchasing it or not as they are very small and forgivable. No split screen multiplayer action I'm afraid, and the missions are bland. the Arcade Wii Zapper mode is fun.
    32 player online matches, and options like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and no sign of Nintendo's Friend code system, just add you're friends EA Nation username and let the Frag-Fest begin! You can also just jump in on a random game in the EA Nation Lobby interface, create you're own games, set the guns and also make it private by means of passwords so just you and you're friends can play!
    Buy it right now if you allready hav'nt! See you there!

  5.  Its a Far Cry Allright


    Just spotted this game for €13.99, This is exactly what the game is worth, so for this price you could do worse. Very bad in places and voices cut out before their even finished what their saying! Very dodgy stuff, I suppose you could have fun with the multiplayer split screen if you get some mates around, but if the price goes any higher avoid! 3 stars at the price (€13.99) I bought it when it was released in a retailer for €59.99 =(

  6.  WiiWare Chess?


    This is a good game if chess is you're thing, dont expect anymore than plain auld Chess though. Smart simple presentation, and ability to go online with it is is a welcome feature. You can also play 2 player from the 1 Wii console.
    This would really have been suited better as a Wiiware title though at a pricepoint of 1000 Wii points. If you like Chess and find it cheap pick it up by all means!

  7.  Not Quite Goldeneye/Perfect Dark


    I played this game all lastnight, and even though I did have fun with it, I dont feel very confident about the single player missions. As the reviewer before me stated, it does get very glitchy at times, unforgivably so. The slow down and jerkieness would remind you a little of Brothers In Arms: Doubletime if you have it. It really does hampers the experience. I had high hopes for this one, I thought good things were to come seen's as Activision were taking over the license off EA, who didnt bring a whole lot to the table, but I was wrong. It was their first Bond game having obtained the license and in fairness its really only a mediocre effort. I'm not a great fan of this new duck and cover 3rd person perspective either, it makes it a less fluid FPS.
    Dont get me wrong, You'll have a blast with the Online multiplayer, get some mates aroung and the 4 player split screen mode is as good as ever! Somthing the consoles seem to be doing away with these days.
    This would have been 3 stars but Multiplayer saves it, if you're looking for a good single player FPS I'd say look elsewhere, All in all it probably is the best FPS you can get on Wii if 4 player split screen is what you're after. The controls for me dont surpass those of Metroid Prime 3 or Medal Of Honour: Heroes 2.