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  1.  better on bluray


    I watched this bluray soon as I received it as im a big Arnie fan and loved the last action hero in the cinema in 1993 and just had to get it on bluray as I was told it looks better and sounds better on bluray!-I was NOT disappointed,the picture quality is an improvement over the previous DVD version and the sound is very loud and clear,but I was disappointed with the fact that their were no bonus features on the bluray disc..apart from this fact I was well pleased with the product.(Arnie fans will love it)

  2.  far better than the DVD version.


    I already had this excellant film on DVD but just had to get it on BLURAY soon as the price was affordable-i wasn't disapointed!-i watched it today on my sony bluray player and LG 42 inch LCD TV and was blown-away with the excellant sound and superb picture quality,the film isn't no where near as good the the 1st film but i think its far better universal soldier-the return(which was a disapointinf sequal)Universal Soldier Regeneration is action packed from start to finish and is the ideal bluray film to play on a 5.1 home cinema kit because of all the load gun fights and action-if your a Van Damme fan you must get this on bluray,or if you just like 'action' films then you must get this also-i give it 9 out of 10.

  3.  timecop is uncut.


    I already had this classic Van Damme film on vhs and DVD and always knew it was badly cut as isaw in the cinema in 1994 and so i couldn't wait to get it on bluray and hoped it would be uncut?-i watched the bluray today after waiting for the post to arrive and i wasn't disapointed one bit!-the DVD version is only 94 minuets long and this new bluray version is 98 minuets long and the picture and sound is totaly remastered compared to the DVD version-even the swearing is uncut and alot more than the previous DVD release!-all-in-all a good value for money bluray and far more enjoyable than the old dvd version..my only 'gripe' is the fact you get no bonus features,not even a trailer,apart from this the bluray is well worth getting if your a Van Damme fan or just love this movie-its never been so good.

  4.  superior to the dvd's and value for money.


    I just had to get this box set as i am a great fan of predator and read that the 1st film has been remastered much better than the original bluray which i owned and was well disapointed with it and it had no bonus features-well all m yanguish was gone when i opened this box set and put in predator in my PS3 and noticed how clean and sharp the picture and sound was compared to the previous bluray and much better than the previous dvd version;its amazing how they made a film look so new when it is over 20 years old-they have done a superb job of making my all time action film look and sound better than ever-i also quickly played PREDATOR 2 and was also impressed with the picture and sound quality and enjoyed all the fact it too also had loads of enjoyable bonus features-what can i say about this box set other than order it even if you have the DVD versions or own the old PREDATOR bluray which wasn't very good or and had no bonus features-this box set is awsome and well worth play.coms 33.79 price.(i seen it in hmv for 45 pounds)i also quicklly watched PREDATORS and was well impressed with the picture and sound also and it has superb bonus features to enjoy-all i nall a great value for money bluray/dvd box set..i also like the fact you get a digital copy aswell the bluray disc-wow.

  5.  action fans dream film!


    I had this excellant film on DVD but when i got myself a new SONY bluray player recently i just had to purchase this film on bluray!-i noticed that the pic quality is far better than the DVD versions and so much sharper and cleaner-i only decided to get the bluray disc when i saw it on play.com for 2 for 18..a bargain!!!!!

  6.  not quite ARNIE's films but still good in it's own right!


    I was very,vert skeptical when i first heard this film was being made and i refused to even go and see it in the cinemas when it it was released in 2009 and i thought to myself i will wait to hear the critics views..i purchased the DVD in 2010 and i was blown-away how good the film really was-even tho arnie was'n't in the film!(apart from the T-800 model which was suppossed to be him)..i wanted to purchase the BLURAY version but it was way too expensive till play.com had for 2 for 18 and i jumped at the chance recently to get it on bluray,aswell as the previous DVD version:Was i dispointed?-no way!!-the pic quality and sound beat the DVD version hands-down and i was impressed so much better than my previous DVD i had purchased in early 2010..i am now looking foward to watching TERMINATOR 5 as my action hero Arold Schwarzenegger is suppossed to be in it this time round??-even if it's a 'cameo' role,it is a welcome movie in my opinion...he is in the Expendables and that looks amazing!!

  7.  gladiator looks so new!


    I was dying to get this movie on bluray as it's one of my fav films of all time and i saw it in the cinema and was blown-away!-i was a bit skeptical when i first heard it was being released on bluray as i was disapointed with the previous bluray release of Predator(it didnt look any different to the dvd version)I read a few positive reviews of "gladiator" before deciding to purchase it and was convinced to get it even tho i have the 2 disc dvd special edition already!!-i was well happy in noticing on play.com it was cheaper than the stores were demanding for the same film(21 to 25 pounds in some stores were asking for the bluray)..i therefore was over-the-moon when i saw it here on play.com 2 for 18(making it less than 10 pounds on its own)..i got the bluray this week and played and wasn't dispointed at all!!-the transfer has been decently and the picture quality makes it look like a newer film and one that is now 10 years old,also,the sound was far supireor to the previous DVD versions..all-in-all a welcome release and a good value for money bluray from play.com.

  8.  karate king!


    Its a dream come true for any Elvis-fan!-i would never dream that EPE/GRACELAND would ever release this rare karate project officially on dvd,..the footage is remastred as best as it can be and i like the audio commentry by sensie Wayne Carmen(who was there at the filming)and the bonus features are good,50 unseen photos of elvis doing karate and an option to watch the karate footage without audio commentry if you wish!(even tho i prefered watching it with wayne carmen commenting on what was happening as you you watch karate movments from elvis and other karate experts,such as elvis' bodyguard Red West)you get a nice booklet with informative liner notes and info of the filming of Elvis' dream project-saddley,it was stopped by Elvis' manger Tom Parker..it would have been ahead of its time if completed and released in 1974..lastley:i adored the 6 postcards you get inside the dvd case-ideal for framing!!-all in al,a must have dvd and one dvd that proves Elvis was indeed a proper "black-belt" and was a real martial artist..disproving the myth that he paid for his black-belt.

  9.  Elvis must own this very funny movie!(its not rubbish at all


    I am a serious elvis fan and went to see this in the cinemas and was blown away how good bruce campell(the main actor as elvis0was very much like "the king"..a ver funny story and a must have br disc for all elvis fans..do not listen to other review thats it's boring!!