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  1.  Finally some LBP gear!


    Great design on T-shirt that echoes the style of LittleBigPlanet. Quality material but nothing to write home about.Vibrant colour, fits well and print has lasted several washes already without fading.

  2.  Outstanding Portable Sound!


    I, like many, felt the need to get this after so many positive reviews. It was well worth it. The audio quality is superb, Can't wait to take it to the park or when we go camping.
    Get one.

  3.  The Definative Version


    If you love The Godfather, get it. Some have argued that the quality is lacking and is similar to DVD. This is just Camera Gain and is due to the harsh lighting conditions of many of the scenes.

    Overall, this version is the ultimate. I love these films, they are all-time classics (and have recently won Empire's Greatest Movie Of All Time Award 2008).

    Well worth it on Blu.

  4.  An essential PS3 experience.


    This game is a work of art. It looks and plays phenomenal. The game features multiple ways to get through each level and can be played first person or third person. The story is more gripping than most hollywood features and should easily be credited as Game Of The Year.

    However, if you don't like cut-scenes, or are under the age restriction, you might not like it. For everyone else, play it! You won't regret it.

    This is already my favourite game of all time.

  5.  Fun But Be Careful!


    The Elite is the best X-box 360 to get. It suffers fewer hardware failures than older models and features a much larger Hard Drive. The games included are the best RPGs available on the system too.

    However, be aware that many of the consoles (even the Elite version) suffer significant hardware failures (known as RROD) and need to be replaced constantly. Microsoft give a 3 year warranty but you can be without your games console for 6 weeks!

    Online, the console glows with a rich community and now features an improved interface.

    In short, it offers far more than a wii does, but falls short of the capabilities of the PS3. A good console for a good price.

  6.  Best Console Ever!


    Love this machine. It's kept me occupied for the past year and a half and has never let up. It's also the best way to get involved in High Definition.
    I use it for everything: internet, movies, blu-rays, music and gaming.
    It has the best games too! Give LittleBigPlanet or MetalGearSolid4 a go and you'll see what the fuss is about. It's epic and well worth the price-tag!

  7.  Simply Epic!


    This game is phenomenal. It looks BETTER on PS3 than on the PC and 360. Greater draw-distances and richer colours. Just a shame you can't play your own soundtrack whilst you sweep through this massive game.

    There's a reason it's game of the year! The game is beautiful. You can pick up an apple, carry it to a lake and drop it into the water. It will spash, create ripples and bob on the surface -reacting to any movements your character makes in the water.

    This game is the ultimate offline Role Playing Game experience! You should get it as it will provide limitless hours of fun.

  8.  Fantastic Bargain!


    You need this. It's just awesome fun when you've got mates round or when you're bored as hell!

    With EyeCreate you can take an array of photos including pop art and groovy effects.

    The video mode records various types of film and can even perform stop-motion animation with assisting ghost frames! The video quality is fantastic, far better than a normal web-cam and switches between wide and framed modes.

    The cherry on the cake is the bad-ass microphone that sticks kinda strangely outta the top. It's got a 4-way directional mic and has a noise-supression thingamagiggy that leaves you with perfect sound recordings even if you've got a small livingroom full of stoners mummbling about munchies.

    Some of the newer games for the PS3 use the potential of this cool wee gadget to map your face onto characters (i.e Pro Evo Soccer 2008). This can have hillarious results as people's bodyparts march proudly onto the pitch.

    You can also download plenty of games off the network for practically nothing that allow you to spend the long nights waving your arms about in the air like a total tit. But they're pretty good if you got people round.

    You should totally get this. If you wanna make the most of your PS3 you simply NEED this bloody thing!

  9.  The Greatest Game On PS2!


    Get this game.


    You WILL love it. I have a PS3 but this game rivals anything the next-gen consoles have to offer.

    The game follows Kratos on an epic journey with phenomenal graphics, a killer soundtrack and state-of-the-art immersive gameplay.

    If you don't like this game, seek professional help.