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  1.  Not much value for money


    I bought this product for my girlfriend and she was very pleased with it. Although she went ballistic when I told her how much I had spent on it. I suppose it wasn't worth the price looking back. and should probably have spent the money on a new car or Caribbean holiday

  2.  The greatest twist to a film i've ever watched


    You think you've watched an average film until 5 minutes from the end. Tempted to spoil it for you all but i wouldn't want to deprive anyone of this excellent ending. My girlfriend was about to say "what was so good about that" until nick van orton made his crash landing. That is what's so good about that!!!

  3.  Greatest Sci-fi action film ever made!!!


    How many times have we all watched this? I've lost count. And its still as good as the first time around if not better. An outstanding cast, each on top of their game. In fact i'm gonna stick it on now. Game over man game over!!!

  4.  Great to see Indy back


    No-one would've thought we'd ever see Indiana Jones again but its a wonderful blast from the past to see him back in full flow. And whilst most people would say it was made for the money. I think it was also done for the fans. You are never going to top Raiders, but this new film is still very enjoyable. A great beginning, and a good climax. The critics couldn't wait to get there teeth into this though. And most probly wrote it off before they even watched it. To people who say their childhood memories have been shattered, i'm guessing they weren't that great to start with.

  5.  An absolute pile of muck


    This is quite simply the worst film ever made in the history of the world. Yes theres a naked bird at the beginning of the film. which got us all interested for a few minutes. but from then on, i began to feel Sick at how bad something could be, If i ever met you "Paul Gagne" i would just love to hear what you had to say about this pile of tripe, acting, screenplay, dialogue. Even if you were a nice guy, i could never forgive you for this. ARRRRRGHHH its so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.  1 star!!!! i don't think so


    What a brilliant film!!! i cannot beleive some reviewers can say they would've walked out if they had watched it in the cinema. The special effects are unbelievable. God knows how they did it. This all adds to the realism of the film. That first earthquake blast sound which comes so unexpectedly, scared the hell out of me. To summarise; Great idea and a must see!!!!

  7.  Why do i like this film?


    For some reason i could watch this film again and again. Superbly original, with some great action scenes. Dennis Hopper is a brilliant villian, and Costner performs well as the loan mariner. It's easy to slate this film because of its outrageous budget, but for me this was an enjoyable ride with a pleasant ending, Coming soon 2009, LANDWORLD!!!