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  1.  An average game nothing else.


    Ok i would like to say this game has it good moments in the game and also its bad moments. The story is really good but it seems to have been copied from different movies and also there's no freedom of movement very linear. And also found most of the game it just shoot and cover it gets really boring fast. Then there's the multiplayer completly unbalanced when starting at lvl 1. And most of the high players just dominate the game. It's a shame the game isn't up to rockstar standard's. I'd prefer Red dead Redemption over this any day. Thats my opinion but not everyone has to agree with me just try it and seee for yourself.

  2.  LBP Karting Champion


    First of all i just want to say people should'nt take notice of the bad reviews that game journalist give out. For me this is way better then Mario Karting. The story mode is very good and there is alot of more tracks also to choose on the online mode. The only problem with this game is that community is not as big as lbp and lbp2 so its hard to find matches with a full group of people racing. But all in all this one great a recommended purchase.

  3.  I good title no one heard of yet!


    This game is great i played loads of hours and theres lots of quests to do. And after you finish the single player mode theres the online were you waist lots of hours into. The game is real good my aspect for me as good as any top rpgs out there like skyrim. You should check this out and give it a try because i can't stop playing this game.

  4.  last and not least


    Great game worth purchasing if its under a 10 quid

  5.  the same boring thing


    Ok i found this game is way overrated. Its the same damn thing like cod 4 get kill streaks call a bomber or riduclous dogs to hunt you down. Just the same boring thing like cod 4. Not worth purchasing in my aspect.

  6.  almost near to perfection.


    Bionic Commando is a good pace action game.The online is not bad also alot of swinging and killing your oppenents in the air. The things they should have improved to the game, was the enemies more bosses and soldiers they should have put into the game. Also i thought they could have put more weapons to the game to have more variety in fighting, All in all its a game worth purchasing but maybe for just under 20 quid.

  7.  timeloving


    the game everyone should play for survival horror, The 1 word i just got say about this game is awesome

  8. WET



    6 New from  £12.88  Free delivery

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     wow a great impression just from the demo


    Just downloaded the demo i thought it was a good action adventure game just from demo , nice moves and different skills. And it has a great pace to the game. Maybe of thinking of looking into this game, excellent A+

  9.  Elika's Hero


    Great game i just finished it and is one game i truely like, Nice storyline and the graphics are so beautiful, this game should be loved by everyone.

  10.  the collection for a life time


    I just the collection a couple of weeks ago and wow an mmorpg with no subcription fees.The game is just awesome so many places to explore and quests to do. I would recommend to everyone fighting styles of different characters vary and also so many combination for spells. The graphics are gorgeous and soundis brilliant, and is 1 of the top mmorpg out there atm. Just check out for yourself top notch.