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  1.  Surprisingly good!


    I initially ignored this game in favour of buying blur - another good racer..tho, after recently buying split second I can confirm SS is far more fun (and speedy) than Blur. Now it's dropped in price, it's totally worth investing in. Fast, Frantic, smooth, no lag racing at a decent price. Totally recommend this for a weekend of fun. Just buy, then press a button and destroy a building! (on the game that is)

  2.  "This is the lego you are looking for"


    A must have product for any star wars lego fan! A faithful replica of the landspeeder from the original (and best) trilogy. Contains a few decent minifigures and 2 light sabers (for obi wan and luke). It took me about 30 mins to put together but I enjoyed every minute! Totally recommended - if you can get it at the RRP of course.. :o)

  3.  Super Sonic


    I waited a while before getting this but wish I hadn't. It really shouldn't be good - a tie in with ancient video game characters, a kid fest, colour washed version of mario kart, but it really is. I've spent more time on this than a lot of other recent "great" games and even better now the price has dropped a bit. Recommended.

  4.  These are Great Headphones


    Firstly, when someone says "all the other reviews are wrong" that normally means they are! These are great value and are comfortable to wear for long periods. I wear them whilst online and they are more than adequate for capturing every sound. I thoroughly recommend this product and have bought 2 myself at this price!! Thanks play!

  5.  Rolling Stones Don't Gather Moss


    Ignore the other review, it really doesn't do this t-shirt justice. I've had one a while and people always comment on how cool this shirt looks. It's a good alternative to wearing a shirt on a night out and always gets you noticed. The style of the t-shirt is worn, with small holes to give that "just rocked out" look. It really is a nice shirt and impossible find cheaper than this anywhere else!! Do buy a larger size tho to hid any lumps and bumps. You'll love this T-shirt!!

  6.  More like my best friend than the enemy


    This CD really surprised me, I didn't buy it until the price dropped recently, but wished I had bought it ages ago. If you like the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and the like, then you'll love this. A couple of tracks are outstanding such as the title track and Aggro. A definite recommend!! And at £4 - what a bargain!!! GET IT! :o)

  7.  PS3 or 360..you decide


    The PS3 is a sweet console. It's a really quiet console and ultimately will be producing the best looking games. It also wirelessly connects to the internet straight out of the box and online play is totally free. On top of that you can use any bluetooth headset to talk to other people. That saves about £90 compared to the 360. The 360 is a great machine too tho, with loads of games and online play for an extra 37 quid a year. Wireless headset and adaptor will set you back another 80 quid tho. I personally prefer the PS3, but at the moment the 360 has the edge with games. You can't go wrong buying either....so buy both! ;o)