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  1.  dire


    I felt let down by this one as like one of the previous reviewers stated micheal was supposed to have died in the last one and the reason he didnt was laughable. This annoys me about horrors theyre just basicly a cheap cash in by the movie companys. If theyre successfull then theyll go on forever more and people (myself included) are stupid enough to go and pay good money to see them. Avoid

  2.  Contradiction


    I wish Pruducers and directors would think before they make these sequals. If I was to go by this movie then 4 and 5 didnt happen and if thats the case I want my money back. The film itself is ok and has some scares and im glad jamie is back but I just feel let down that they expect us to forget about 4 and 5 as apart from the 1st they are my favourite in the series.

  3.  not recomended


    The worst in the Halloween franchise. Avoid at all costs. It doesnt feel like a Halloween movie at all and the niece from 4 and 5 has been killed off which dissapointed me I thought more could have done there.

  4.  bleh


    I thought this along with 4 added a new dimension to the halloween movies with the link between micheal and his neice. Id recomend it to anyone and would say that after this the movies went downhill this is the last one I enjoyed.

  5.  good sequal


    This is one of the best Sequals in the Halloween franchise. I thought the girl in it was a really good actress. I know good actress and horror seems like a contradiction. I also thought the ending was a good twist.

  6.  Good Sequal


    Ok I know halloween fans were dissapointed in this movie and to an extent I can understand where theyre coming from as it doesnt have Micheal in it but from my understanding John carpenter wanted to try something new with this one. He wanted to bring out a new halloween movie every year with a fresh story and characters and it could have worked but unfortunatly as far as halloween fans are concerned michael makes halloween what it is. As for the story in this movie I know one of the previous reviewers said it was stupid and over the top but comon its a horror movie who says it has to be realistic if you want realistic go watch a documentary or something. I actually thought the story was juast as good in this one as it was in the first and I thought it was a more worthy sequal than the second one. Maybe if it had a different name to it than Halloween it would of been more successfull.

  7.  SCARY


    This is John Carpenter at his best. It scared the hell out of me as a kid and I still enjoy watching it as an adult. In my opinion it beats todays so called horrors as theres more atmosphere in this than anything being made nowadays. The only thing I would say lets it down is we dont see anything about what makes Michael flip.

  8.  Classic


    This is one of my all time favourite films. good plot and one of the best endings ever. Its much better than tim burtons remake which I hate saying as im a huge tim burton fan and I had high hopes for it. If you saw burtons remake and not the original then I urge u you too see this as its 100 times better.

  9.  This is awesome


    I actually saw aliens before alien and have to say I prefer it to the original. It has everything you could want - great special effects, loads of action and good perfomances. Id have to say though that the special edition was a let down and a scam. I feel cameron got it just right with the original as there was more tension and i feel that somehow the extra scenes take some of that away. I also feel that releasing the special edition a few months after the original is a rip off as its just another way for the studios to rip movie fans off by expecting them to buy the same movie twice but with a few extra scenes.