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  1.  My first Wii game, definately one of the best!


    I adore this game!

    The animation, the gameplay, the soundtrack and the story are all perfect. Despite the fact that this is the first Zelda game I have played, it was easy to get into and the controls were simple to learn. When you know what you are supposed to be doing this game is amazing. When you get stuck, there is still plenty to do until you figure it out. I have spent many many hours so far on this game and im not even a quarter of the way through. This one will last me for a good few months yet!

    Well worth it, an amazing game to play!

  2.  A game that requires more patience than I had


    You need a steady hand and bags of patience to get far in this game. Sadly I didnt devote much time to this after failing abysmally at the first few levels.

    Having said that, the game is stunning. The mercury changes colour and moves very fluidly, you can even see the little swirls on the outside of it like real mercury has. It is easy to get the hang of the controls and you can dive straight into the game without going through a long tutorial first. The object of the game is simple - get your little blob of mercury from one end of the maze to the other intact. However, put in your way are lots of obstacles and things to fall off of!

    If this game had multiplayer levels, I would have loved it and probably spent more time playing. As a single player, I gave up pretty quickly.

  3. Eledees


    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £9.70  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.12

     Pleasantly surprised!


    This was another game that was recommended to me and feeling flush I decided to try it out. Wow, after going through the tutorial I sat playing this game for almost two hours!

    Visually, it is a beautiful game. Eledees (LEDs, it took me awhile to figure that one out) are used to power things like lights and TVs when one night something goes wrong and all hell breaks loose. Each Eledee captured allows you to power on items which in turn let you find more of them. Each level has new twists and challenges, for example not making too much noise or not breaking a certain number of plates.

    Its fun, highly addictive and occasionally very frustrating! It utilises all of the Wiimotes capabilities perfectly and makes for a very enjoyable game. Definately worthwhile!

  4.  The most fun you can have with a DS


    I imported this game after many recommendations from other DS owners and I wasnt disappointed. Its bright and colourful with cartoon style panels that tell you why each level is there. You play as the Elite Beat Agents who save the day by dancing. Yes, they dance your blues away!

    Getting the hang of the controls is very easy and you can get straight onto tapping away in time to the music. There are a wide variety of songs used; from Jamiroquai to David Bowie via Earth, Wind & Fire.

    Great graffics, fun storyline, awesome songs. I cant recommend this game enough!