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  1.  Dude..


    Dude below me.. you got this all wrong. it isn't an FPS or TPS its nothing like it, its not meant to be. its completely different. its a real time strategy game, like Command and Conquer etc, you got it all wrong, your stupid. No offence but come on, you can't give it a 1 star because u thought it was an FPS and it wasn't.. anyway the demo is pretty good, although im from scotland and my different accent sometimes picks up some mistakes through the voice chat, other than that its good!

  2.  The fun factor is great!


    This game is great, its what most games lack these days which is fun. Games these days are being made too realistically and loosing their fun factor but with the destruction you're never safe and so theres never a dull moment in either single player or multiplayer.

    The single player campaign has a pretty good story with some good humour but as most single player games these days its finished in no time at all, and no matter how fun theres only a few times you can play through it before it becomes a chore.

    online however is great and is what to be expected from a battlefield game (or so i've heard) but with only 1 mode i doubt it will last forever. there is another mode on the way in a while but even though it won't last as long as CoD4. i've played cod4 about 5 days online and this i haven't spent a day as i haven't had it nearly as long but i am starting to get pretty bored.

    Overall this game is great fun but won't last you as much as cod4, if you have cod4 then this is a great FPS but if not then i'd say get Cod4.

  3.  Great Band!


    Rage Against the Machine are one of my favourite bands (and im only 15) and are just great! this is one great deal by play.com aswell for £2.99 its insane, its great buyy it now!

  4.  Amazing


    i own the whole series of these books so far and they are brilliant! im getting a bit old for them now though but ill probably get the rest anyway, this ones my favourite but buy them all, because they are all good!

  5.  Campaign ain't Great, but Multiplayer Sure is!


    The Campaign mode for this game is nothing special and will take you no time at all to complete, so if you don't have online this game isn't special.

    Online for this game is great! and supports up to 32 players which is double most Xbox 360 and Ps3 games which is fantastic for the wii. the game is so much fun especially guns where you have to do movement with the nunchuck and wiimote, like the shotgun where you have to move the nunchuck up and down to pump it, its so much fun!

    However i'd say if you have a Ps3 (like me) or Xbox 360 get online games for them, especially if you prefer playing with no hassle with your hands etc,

    Overall though a great game for the wii! but nothing special if you don't have online.

  6.  Pretty Good.


    This game is good, although there is something about it that makes me prefer the first game but i am not sure what. The story mode is just thrown in and isn't brilliant but its a good addition. Multiplayer is where this game takes off and its pretty good with up to 16 players (although up to 14 is most common) and there is no lag whatsoever. The graphics are good but could be improved but are definately better than vegas 1.

    This game is quite tactical in single player so if that isn't your thing its best not to pick this game up, but the multiplayer side of things ain't too tactical but its less than a run and gun shooter like COD4, overall a good game!

  7.  Haze is Cooool


    Haze is a decent game. Professional game reviewers have been very harsh on this game recently although it is a pretty good game, the graphics are not too bad although could be a lot more, the gameplay is pretty good and it has solid shooting mechanics. i rented this game but am pretty close to finishing it, the story is over the top but its not too bad compared to so many other FPS games.

    Overall this game is a good buy with a lot of replay value with decent multiplayer and 4 player co-op online and 2 player splitscreen so its good with your friends.

  8.  FEAR!!


    I got this game recently as i fancied a thriller game and it fulfills the name a lot! I do not know what the last reviewer was on about, gameplay in both fear and half life is brilliant, anyway this game is a good buy and in my opinion the graphics are not as bad as some say, i reccomend picking this game up!

  9.  wow


    this game rocks to the max! it may be pretty expensive but lots of hours of fun can be had by yourself, and showing off in front of your friends and family! the game is really hard to begin with even on easy so if you give up on stuff easily you may not like this game. some songs are bake but others are awesome.. everyone has different opinions! get this!

  10.  excellent


    it comes close to 5 stars but in my opinion misses it just... the camera angles feel a little old even though they give the game an unusual character. the story is brilliant and both playable characters can be tweaked to the max by being able to choose different fighting styles and upgrading weapons. buy buy buy!