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  1.  Cheesiest film ever made!!


    I absolutely love this film! Not because it is the best film ever made, quite the opposite actually. I love it because it is so badly acted, so cliched and the effects are hilarious. When the yeti runs and jumps it changes from a guy running in a yeti costume to a cgi rendition of a yeti, and the result has me in stitches everytime I watch it! And when they try a taste of the dead passengers the flesh resembles something more like pate haha And watching the poor guy who is wearing the yeti costume run through the snow is insanely funny, a snail could outrun him he's that slow! Please do not watch this film if your expecting a serious horror movie. Watch this film if you want to laugh your head off. I mean the makers of this probably did the same when they saw the final cut! Enjoy.

  2.  Brilliant album!


    Aloe Blacc has clearly underestimated himself by naming this album good things,he should have named it great things!I first heard his I need a dollar single on fight night champion and was blown away by it,so i had to get the full album. It has such a variety of songs, and he can really hold a note!Momma hold my hand is one of the most powerful and emotional songs I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.I need a dollar is just plain brilliant, it regularly gets played on loop by me and my friends. Awesome album,awesome talent. Buy this album for a refreshing change from the regular trash that is called music nowadays, this is real music!

  3.  UP there with Pixar's best.


    Firstly I would just like to say this is one of the blu-ray conversions i own, superb picture and sound quality. Something that Pixar get right everytime though I suppose! The special features are really good, one even shows you a trip the team take to research the landscape found in the film, breathtaking stuff!

    I found this to be one of Pixars greatest achievements to date. A very emotional film which may not be suited to an average child, it is a very adult movie in parts. Obviously there are lots of moments a child will laugh at and enjoy, but it is quite a mature approach from Pixar. One which has definitely paid off, proving that animated films can be taken seriously. Maybe Pixar are heading in a new direction,who knows? I have yet to see a Pixar film that I havent enjoyed really, but this is up there with my favourites. Buy this I highly recommend it, two thumbs UP!!

  4. Moon



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     An instant sci-fi classic.One giant leap for Blu-Ray!!


    Maybe im biased because Sam Rockwell is my favourite actor, but im sure people will agree that his performance in this film is nothing short of breathtaking.Not only does he portray himself as two completely different styles, but does so that convincingly that I believed them to be two completely different people.And director Duncan Jones in his directorial debut should be proud of what he accomplished here.He is David Bowie's son,but so what, he proved here that he too has an amazing talent, film making.It makes a refreshing change for someone to be able to create a science fiction film of this quality,and have hardly any CGI effects. Nearly all of the objects used like the moon rover and Gerty(voiced by the brilliant Kevin Spacey) were miniauture models. They built the inside of the moon base from scratch, no need for any green walls! I really love this film,ignore some people that say its a once only viewing,i could watch it back to back because Sam's performance is unbelievable.I dont want to spoil it because the story is brilliant,thats why I havent given anything away!EXCEPTIONAL FILM,BUY IT NOW!!

  5.  An absolute treasure!


    Like my title?ok very cheesy I admit! Had the first Drake and knew it was something special,but Drake 2 just blows it out of the water.This game is fantastic is every way. The graphics are unique and lifelike,among the best the ps3 has seen so far(sure drake 3 will improve on that!).The gameplay is fantastic requiring you to work problems out on your own,and movement,covering etc are superb.The storyline is in my opinion its greatest aspect,it outshines most films that they release nowadays.The voice acting IS the best you will hear on the ps3,it is so fluid and free flowing.There are also some hugely witty remarks from Drake and Sulley that always brings a grin to my face!You got to love Drake, he is cooler than ice! Yes the game isnt the longest out there,but where it lacks in that department, it more than makes up for it elsewhere. I always watch the Nic Cage national treasures after playing Drake,but Benjamin Gates is no match for Drake! An absolute masterpiece of gaming,one that I recommend to everyone,it really would be a crime not to complete it at least once.Sensational stuff, cant wait for number 3!!!(which has been confirmed by naughty dog!). Thanks :-)

  6.  Truly sensational!


    This book was fantastic.It is my third Coben book and it wont be my last.I was that gripped in its brilliantly written story line that I read it until 4am!I finished this book in three days,well short of my usual 7 days to read others.The characters in the book are so well written,you could truly imagine what they would be like in the real world,that to me is a fantastic author.If you have read this book or any of Coben's others,may I make a suggestion?Pick up books from Lee Child & Gregg Hurwitz as well,these are two of my other favourite authors and both great writers!Gregg has a new book out actually named "Or she dies" which is fantastic,and I have read all Childs books and there all fantastic too.I like the word fantastic as you can see!

  7.  love gregg hurwitz!


    ive read all three of gregg's book and each new title gets better everytime.The detail and research he puts into his book to make them believable is amazing.There is a comment another author has made on the front that says something like "once you pick up this book your hands will be ripping through the pages until there are none left".And he/she is spot on,a great book that I could honestly not put down.Gregg has just moved up to my number 2,marginly behind Lee Child!

  8.  Best season since series 3!


    Of course every season of 24 in my opinion is brilliant.But for me season 3 was on another level,the pinnacle of what 24 was all about. The plot,cast and locations used were nothing short of perfect.1 and 2 obviously introduce what jack is all about and are the backbone for future stories, but after season 3, great stories and actors nonetheless, I started gettin a bit of deja vu. What they've done with season 7 is really concentrate on creating a fresh new 24,and its bloody excellent!Im not going into too much detail but Renee is fantastic,madame president is excellent,and even Almeida although bad is fantastic also.Jack needs no comment really,we know how important he is to 24!Saw this on blu-ray in america,hope they bring it out on blu-ray here too.Will be a definite purchase either way,got to continue the collection!24 is back and I hope it never leaves,bring on season 8!!!

  9.  brilliant phone,video quality is second to none!


    As an owner of this phone I will give an honest and fair opinion of it,as I expect anyone else should. I do not work for samsung,I am not a sales rep for a phone network or company just to get this straight.Because this phone freakin rocks,there I said it!ive been waitin to say it ever since I got it,which was 2 weeks ago.due to a holiday i had to leave it at home,sad face :-( but when I got back I was so eager to sit down and give it test,the worlds 1st mobile phone with hd video capability,yeh right I thought!but I took a 2 minute clip walking down my local street and was stunned at the definition of colors it displayed.furthermore I hooked it up to my dads 50inch hd tv and was gobsmacked at how good the quality was,granted its not blu-ray quality but were talking about a mobile phone here.The camera is excellent too with a more than adequate range of settings to choose from such as close ups,moving objects,dawn photos etc the list is long. Obviously the main headliner of this phone is its video and photo taking abilities, but do not be fooled into thinking its quality stops there.Web browsing is simple and easy with 3g plus. Youtube lovers can access its full site and upload videos very easily,I havent uploaded a video yet but I am in the process of doing so. It runs on the same OS(operating system) as the Nokia 5800 express music phone, which is an insanely easy system to use. It has been modified a little bit though,I think its the 5th version of it.Nonetheless its pain free,and the touchscreen is a piece of cake to use.I was worried it would annoy me like the iphone did but this is not the case.Writing text messages,adding new contacts is a doddle.A fancy little touch samsung have incorporated is the 3d menu,if your screen is idle you can flick the screen to your left showing you photo contacts.All you do is take a picture of the person you need to call(obviously needs to be done previously!) copy it to this page and you can call them from here.Instead of having to fiddle searching through your contacts,im sure you can do this on other phones but this is a lot simpler. The phones main screen is OLED,which displays any colour with immense sharpness and brightness,its a joy to behold.Could this be the perfect phone?It very nearly is,as close as ive ever seen. One thing lets it down,a major thing too. I love this phone to bits I really do, but the battery life is just not good enough at all. I am not a businessman and I have needed to charge it every night since I first turned it on.If I were a businessman I would need to do all my work next to a plug socket,so that I could keep it charging while I was talking,e-mailing,texting whatever.Im not bothered about the phones size either because it plays all kinds of movie files which is what its for,its a fantastic multimedia device and a great phone.Samsung crammed all this technology inside this device and forgot one VERY important thing,a battery that doesnt need to be on contstant charge. I have still given this brilliant phone a 5 star because I love it,samsung promised a great phone and they delievered. Maybe they should have put two batterys in the box eh??

  10.  Not just a good bond then!


    People seem to forget that Mr.Craig had an acting career before he took on the role of Bond, and in this film he proves how good an actor he is. But he is not the only actor who played their designated character extremely well.Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell gave outstanding performances as the other two Bielski brothers. The storyline was well held and always interesting, and the action scenes were excellently choreographed. Defiance tells a very moving and powerful story about the three brothers and their unbreakable bond,but also their spirited courage to fight back against the german troops that had already killed so many of their friends and family.I really enjoyed this film and did not expect it to grip me so much, great performances by all involved and an emotional piece of history if a little altered.All in all then a fine film!