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  1.  Unreal


    Words cannot explain how this game has changed online gameplay.
    The campaign is amazing, the online is on another level.

    If you arent sure whether to buy it, play another game online - Gears 2, Halo etc.
    Wondering why there is hardly anyone online, and nobody to play with...

    Because everyone is playing COD. So go and buy it now. NOW.

  2.  Left 4 Win


    Spot on, Valve have once again delivered an awesome game.
    New guns - Great
    Melee Weapons - Great
    New Characters - Great
    New Storyline - Great
    New Game Modes - Great ...

    everything about it is awesome, buy this game

  3.  Moving On With Things


    I am a hardcore Resi Fan, and this ones up to scractch!

    "Using Weapons is not what zombies are meant to be like" - Know the story before critisizing the game. The viruses developed, creating more intellegent infected.

    Playing every Resi on the market has showed me that this one is up there.
    The CO-OP is amazing. The Achievements are good some hard, some easy. Music is classic Resi music.
    Graphics are unreal, out of this world, awesome, i could stream off adjectives all day about this so i will stop here.

    If you like Zombie games, This is a must have.

  4.  Definitly Worthy '4' Game of the Year


    Outstanding game, with a great co-operative experiance.

    Xbox Live fuels left 4 dead giving it that edge over dead rising.

    Not worth buying the game of the year edition unless you are a collector, because the content provided with it is a free download anyways.
    It truely is a great zombie killer. Can be easy or difficult, with a choice of difficulties. Easy mode is fun and a laugh, good to get achievements on. Expert mode is VERY hard, and you will need a good trio of pals to help you tackle it.

    Gameplay - 10/10 [Valve created the game and it is similar to Counter-Strike Source in terms of the shooting.]
    Music - 10/10 [EPIC, you will have never listened to a game so hard for the special infected sounds.]
    Graphics - 10/10 [Stunning.]
    Achievements - 10/10 [Easy ones and Hard ones, best type of game]

    Replay Value - Yes, can be picked up and played whenever.

    Buy It, Play It, Wish The World Was Overrun By Zombies.

  5.  Havent laughed as much as this in ages


    Has me in stiches every time i watch it, series 1 and 2 are both awesome.
    If you dont find it funny, you have problems.

  6.  Quite possibly the funniest programme to be on TV


    Has me in stiches every time i watch it, series 1 and 2 are both awesome.
    If you dont like this, get a sense of humour.

  7.  Dead Epic


    +Awesome game, endless fun. You can pick up and play whenever you like and have a laugh.
    +Ive had the game for over 2 years and can still just play it for fun.
    +Easy 500 gamerscore, the rest is hard, you gotta be pretty good to get past 800.
    +Some good music lol
    +Interesting Story
    +Easy to master gameplay

    -Graphics are lovely if you have a HD Tv if you dont the text can be hard to read.
    -Save system is very poor. You need to realise that you only have 1 save, so save often but dont save when you do something wrong and just think about what you are doing before you save it.
    -Bit unrealistic drinking the drinks, downs a 4 pint of milk in 2 gulps.

    Music - 10/10 [Cheesy Mall Music lol]
    Story - 9/10 [Excellent Story, Not a 10 because there was no cut scene at the end of the game, just text]
    Gameplay - 9/10 [All Weapons are great to use, except you cant strafe when using guns]
    Graphics - 10/10 [Spot On, with a HD Tv]
    Achievements - 10/10 [Hard and Easy Ones, the best type of game]

    Replay Factor? - Yes, you can pick up and play whenever.

  8.  Awesome Movies


    Great films - all three, my favourite being number two.

    Main problem - the very cheap case it comes in its like a double dvd case thing. The picture is very decieving

  9.  Right read this.


    I'm giving this 5 stars because it deserves it. FFXI is a great game if you have the time to play it.
    £8.99 per month, and you only need a silver membership for live to play it.

    You need alot of spare time to paly this as everything in it takes alot of time. A great way to socialise and just have fun.
    Pick a race, pick a gender, pick a job, pick a hometown, pick a craft, pick a world have fun! The climb to maximum level of 75 is a long one but a fun one if you pick a job you enjoy.
    It gave me something to do when i was at school in year 10, 11 and boring weeknights and whilst you have nothing to do except watch the junk on saturday night tv. I gave it up because it took up too much of my time whilst i was at college.

    I may start playing it again i dont know, but it is always there with your character waiting for you if you wanted to start again.

  10.  Trust me on this one.


    Deserves game of the year, amazing campaign (even if it is 1 player) great multiplayer. If your PC is high spec get the PC version.

    My rants now:
    .No Online achivements, all of them are for the single player campaign.
    .No Multiplayer Campaign.
    .Can get tedius when lucky grenades blow you up.
    .The "Mile High Club" achivement is ridiculous.