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    I havent played the first one but I found this to be a highly enjoyable CO-OP game.. The monster the mechs and guns make a satisfying gameplay mix ...

    My only gripe is that some of the areas are very small and with a load screen for each area, it sometimes makes for alot of freakin load screens breaking up the gameplay, slightly annoying.

  2.  If you want realism you've got it! BEST FLIGHTSIM ON CONSOLE


    'You've been chasing the enemy ace for ten minutes with your engine running hot from being pushed too hard and too long. Fuel is running low and ammunition even lower but you've finally got the drop on your foe. His German-made fighter can out-turn and out-gun your British crate but you have altitude and surprise in your favor.

    You've stayed above the clouds, gradually closing the gap after sighting him a while back, staying in his blind spots and inching ever closer. When you're on top of him you strike, dropping through the clouds and banking so hard your plane threatens to stall; you wrestle it back on course and dive in at his seven o'clock, all guns blazing, your last hundred rounds rake across his wings as you tear past his rear. Glancing back, the bounder banks to begin the chase, unaffected by the pounding; then suddenly, a wobble; then a shake; his wings cut to Swiss cheese and his aerodynamics shot to hell, the German pilot begins to spin.

    The plane spirals Earthwards as the pilot tries to wrestle it under control; it even looks as if he might pull out, the moment before his right wing is torn free by G-force and the plane nosedives into His Majesty's Great British countryside. Winston Churchill pats you on the back saying "well done, son" while a British bulldog barks the national anthem and you sip a nice cup of tea. When you get a kill in IL-2 Sturmovik, you earn it.'

    - Flawless simulation
    - Bum-clenching dogfights
    - Well-designed modes for all skill levels

    (Excerpt taken from GamesRadar Review)

    Ignore any low reviews as evidently they are people that dont know how flying really works.. This game is a symphony of flight and might... This is probly as close as you get to the real thing.

    This game comes from a critically acclaimed series on the PC, which years after its release is still ranked probly the best Combat Flight Sim out there. The good news is they didnt dumb it down for console. Ignore all the other Arcade nonsense, this is the real deal. The enemy AI is astounding, it feels like your fighting against human pilots.. Recommanded for beginners and Sim enthusiastes alike...
    It's as hardcore as you want it to be, too. Arcade difficulty makes Birds of Prey as accessible as Blazing Angels or Ace Combat, with simple controls and a plane which proves impossible to stall in even the tightest turns. It's still a smarter, more tactical, and more exciting game than AC6 or Angels, but the physics are simplified and planes have a basic energy bar which can be depleted with a decent well-placed burst.

    Step up to Realistic or the near-suicidal Simulation setting and it's a different world. Every plane takes skill to pilot and every shot takes time to line up; once you finally have a bead on the enemy they soak up ten times the damage, with only hits on critical parts downing planes quickly. The damage model for both sides changes - enemies can pummel you with rounds and still your plane will limp on, the handling becoming rougher, turning becoming slower, your engine gushing smoke and oil.

    You'll pound your enemies with hundreds of bullets before you realize that 'Realistic' means realistic - bullet holes in an empty fuselage will do nothing but give the pilot air conditioning, but just a mere handful of bullets into the engine or fuel tank will instantly end his life or send him reaching for the parachute.