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  1.  Not just a pretty face


    I've always had Nokia phones, aside from the last time I renewed my contract when I attempted to try something else. I chose a Samsung D900, and it was so bad I rang Vodafone that evening to have it replaced.. I tried playing with a lot of others in the shops too and then realised that what people kept telling me was right, and the only phones with user interfaces that aren't just dismal are Nokia and SE. They've both had it cracked for ages, and the others appear to be going backwards! Anyway, obviously I wasn't going to subject myself to any product witth Sony's over priced name on it, so Nokia it was!

    This 6500 is great, the menus are evolved versions of how Nokia have always done it - just adding more and more features . A real case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". It has all the features any normal person would ever need, as well as a load they'd never use. If you're a bit of a geek, and prefer your phones to be more like a PDA/Mini PC/big rock - then this will probably dissappoint as itt doesn't have a touch screen and nor can you install software on it to make it sound like a light saber when you swing it around. Crying shame that...

    For the other reviewer who had problems with being able to hear the person he was talking to, perhaps the volume needed turning up? I left mine on the default setting, around 50 or 60% if i remember rightl, as it came from the factory as that was plenty loud enough for me. It does all the normal things, texts, phonebook, calendar, alam etc all perfectly as you'd expect. Also, a particular favourite feature of mine is the ability to customise like, everything on the phone, as you can really get it exactly how you like. There is a camera too, 2.0mp or something, it's alright, just like any other phone camera really - good enough to take a drunken photo of your mate wearing a road cone, but as with any mobile phone, it's not exactly good. If you want a camera, then buy one, don't buy a phone. You can sleep in a bath, but you wouldn't buy one instead of a bed would you?`

    Anyway, no ccomplaints at all. It's very like th 6300 thhat's been dieting, as it's a bit smaller in every way. The black version is by far the best looking one, with the metal section helping it manage to look very classy and contemporary. It feels very solid and well made, despite being very light and thin. Once you've dropped it into your pocket, you can't tell it's there unlike some of the smart phones that make you need to tighten your belt and hang onto your trousers to save the embarassing moment when you collect the fish & chips for yourself an some mates, you pick them all up, and bang, one step later your trousers have hit the floor. You attempt to try and lean down to get them but it's not happening, so, you just shuffle out of the door, desperately trying to get out of the sight of all the those people, as the queue is typically extra large on that day. So, as you put the chips on your car bonnet, and pull your trousers up before the police that were parked near by - again, typically - all you can think about is why did you get such a heavy smart phone, especially considering you've never used any of the features.

  2.  One of the better ones!


    I enjoyed this compilation, it was one of the better 'Now' double CDs in my opinion. It isn't just full with RnB songs and has a really good mix. I'd recommend that to you save you buying blind, you have a read of the track listings shown above on this page.

    If you read through and only like 4 of the songs, then really, Now 71 isn't for you. However, if you read through and like the look of it, then personally I'd recommend it as I found it a good listen - not perfect of course, hence the missing star, but very good none the less.

  3.  Should not have been released as a Indiana Jones film


    If you looked at this film as a stand alone film, not an Indiana Jones film, it would be ok - although the fridge scenes would still be ridiculously poor. Why didn't anyone ever say, nuclear weapons can't destory fridges? Even if they're thrown for, probably a few miles...!? But, as just a humourous-ish family action film, it would be ok. Unfortunately it was released with the Indiana Jones name on it.

    As as Indiana Jones film, the fridge was almost 'ok' but it was just too cheesy, even for an Indiana Jones film which should always be cheesy and over the top. And, it should also be about long lost things, and things such as magic or various gods being the big impressive ending. Unfortunately the route they took when making this film is long, long past absolutely ridiculous and doesn't fit in with even 1 second of any of the previous trilogy. It was almost laughably bad, but you couldn't laugh because you were too busy crying about how badly George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had destroyed the ending of the Indiana Jones series. Ending with a typical hollywood, big flash cgi ending, that has nothing to do with anything (at all, in the world) and just turned their backs on the previous films, which were so brilliant.

    Of course, everyone has come to actually expect this destruction of classic names from this pair of absolute... Well, add your own name for them there... Interested in nothing but clawing in as many dollars as possible - they seem to don't realise good films would make them *more* money!

    I just hope they don't try and knock out a few prequels...

  4.  Excellent use of BluRay - film suffered from the hype


    I didn't mind this film, it was ok, and the quality of this BluRay is perfect, you'll be jumping out the way of the beasties in the brief action scenes. But unfortunately for me, the hype before this film was massive and I think it was really never going to be able to live up to it to be honest, as it was touted as truely epic and amazing, but in reality, I found it a bit slow and there was loads of things I wanted to see happen, but never did, and there was loads of areas of the 'last man alive' idea that I wanted to see explored, but they never were. So, in summary, I'd recommend you watched this film before splashing out the money to buy the BluRay. But, if you love the film, then the BluRay will only make it better for you as it really is VERY well done.

  5.  Brilliant use of BluRay and HD Sound


    I know a lot of people have slated this film - but personally I'd recommend giving it a chance. The action scenes are very well done, and the special effects are impressive. The film follows straight on from the first AVP, but there is a few minutes of overlap so it's not really imperative to see the first one before this one - none of the characters are carried over either (excluding 2 predators heh!). I really enjoyed it, it's brilliantly entertaining even if a little wooden in places - but if you're just looking for an action film where you don't need to think that hard to know what's going on, you just want some nice explosions and impressive splatter scenes - with a load of aliens and the ultimate hunter thrown in for little more spice - then you'll enjoy this too :-)
    As far as BluRays go I think this is one of the best uses of it I have seen. The picture quality is incredibly crisp and even tiny details are rendered perfectly. This made the film a joy to watch, and coupled with the truely excellent sound it was a really immersive experience. At some points (if you have surround sound) you'd be forgiven for looking round, thinking you heard a little alien creeping somewhere around your room. Overall - for £15 I think this is well worth it :-)

  6.  Fantastic use of BluRay - and relentless action!


    I won't bother talking too much about the film, as you all know what it's about by now, I'll just say that in high definition, the action was soooo much more immersive. At some points the high definition sound and picture combo will have you ducking that odd stray bullet and in the final showdown action sequence, you'll start to beleive you're there with John as he mows down the entire Burmiese army with a massive machine gun.

    Personally I think new films, which have been made since the birth of high definition home cinema look better on BluRay than the older stuff that has been ported - I just put this down to the fact that they're filmed in much higher quality, so they don't have to be spruced up to get to HD standards. No idea if this idea is right or wrong, and I'm sure there is a nice technical person coming along to explain it better than me shortly hehe :-) But either way, this one looks brilliant, the picture is so crisp and so impressive it almost looks 3D in some places - almost like you're just looking out of a window and watching the action in real life rather than watching a film from your sofa.

    Highly recommended to all!

  7.  Absolutely brilliant - you'll feel cold just watching it!


    I saw this film first on DVD, and really enjoyed it then. Now I have this BluRay and the experience is so much different, for the better! The effects and picture quality are both amazing, you'd swear that it was a video of that tsunami wave hitting Manhattan it looks that good. I'm sure I honestly felt really cold, the whole combination of the brilliant sound and the just awesome picture. I also wrote a review of AVP:2 and said I thought that was one of the best uses of BluRay. That was only one of the best, but this one IS the best.

    For £15, in my opinion, this represents the best buy on here!