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  1.  good price


    I was surprise to see how cheap this was for a official Nintendo DSi AC adapter charger. Its always good to have a spare & at 7.99 you can't go wrong.

  2.  WOW what a game


    The gameplay is brill & the graphics are great on medium.The nanosuit saves your bacon in more ways than one These games are well worth a look. YOU NEED INTERNET TO ACTIVATE IT.

  3.  Great comedy


    You,d think that these bunch of famous old men are harmless far from it. Everything that annoys them are the very things that annoy all of us.

    From car parks to banks it all drives us nuts. 10/10

  4.  Good inks but pricey


    My old Epson printer had 2 colors I was throwing away all 3 colors when 1 run out. Not any more brilliant inks. one downside is the cost but paying for it is worth it Epson inks are quite good.

    @ Ravenvbi's YES on Epsons website but check the pack before you buy them.

  5.  It's a MadWorld out there


    I was not sure if this was going to be any good. But playing it it's great the black & white effect works pretty well & the graphics are really well done too.

    The gameplay is a bit repetitive but it's okay. The Bloodbath Challenges are the best all thanks to the Black Baron. The game is short but sweet.

  6.  Brilliant game


    A fun & addictive game that has alot of replay value. There is lot to do like fishing & bug catching you can put them in the museum or sell them. One of the most relaxing game you'll play in a long time 10/10

  7.  Windows XP still going strong


    Great OS still going strong after all these years. Easy to install & fast starting if you don't get a virus.

    Alot things like card readers & mobile phones work without the software discs which is good . Most things are drag & drop so it,s easy really. I was going to get vista but I've used xp & i like more that vista. If your building a computer windows xp is the best thing for it.

  8.  okay but


    This game is okay. The gameplay is very repetitive the co-op is the best part. The enemy AI is rubbish some guns have limited ammo so when you fight the T-600s your going to run out when you need it most. Overall a okay game but not a great

  9.  A 5 star game


    This game is the best game you will ever play. You create your hero & your on your way to save Raposa Village.

    The drawing part is the best & the gameplay is wonderful so is the story. The ending is worth watching too.If you can find this game buy it you won't regret it. Like the title says 5*

  10.  brilliant console


    The Wii is a new & fun way of playing games it can fell like your hitting a ball in tennis or bowling a ball down the lane. If you don't sit down & do it like me lol.

    The games are pretty good but they are some rubbish ones but that's not the Wii's fault. Some games require motion+ or a nunchuk to play or both. For people who buy games & don't know this it can be a pain in the wallet. Always check the back of the game to find out what games require what.

    The graphics are not has powerful as Xbox 360 or PS3. But dose it's best to use whats there. over all there not bad but not what Xbox 360 or PS3 are.

    If you look at Nintendo's past consoles & accessories they have been doing things like this for years.