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  1.  If it is what it says on the packet..


    Packet says this IS the 40th anniversary re mastered from original film via Pinewood.. just received and hopw to have my mind blown later on.

  2.  Better made than the original..


    I chanced this replacement as the last one I ordered was a different brand/type and eventually the outer clip of the camera plug came off.. ah. So, seeing this had the same label on the camera plug, tried it. Well, apart from the lead being shorter, ah, ok, can extend, its a superior lead, has a filter on it..the light stays on as soon as plugged in usb end.. thats not a bad idea, so goes red when battery needs charging. Its chunkier..so far better than the original.

  3.  Took roughly a week to receive via a courier.


    I missed the Hermes courier twice.Ordered early week, and finally caught the lady delivering it Saturday afternoon. No uniform, just casual clothes, package in one hand and receipt stylus gizmo in the other. Very pleased to receive.. The coat itself. being new, maybe I should have ordered extra extra large, but then.. it may give with wear. Feels and looks very nice. Funnily enough I think I followed another same coat into a function hall tonight.. so that was interesting. As it was sale price, cant really go wrong and so far satisfied.

  4.  The ad for this does not say its the new issue. it is/


    I had been waiting for this since copying my own vhs to disc, to realise after I hadnt finalised the damned thing.. now dvd recorder erratic,
    SO.. reading about the re issue having been remastered by hand for blu ray.. WAS-IS this the re issued normal dvd.. answer, YES.. I wondered why the price went up from when stocks were waiting, but then I know things are changing in Jersey. This is still cheaper than I have seen the Tesco projected price.. so, very pleased. Though it took a couple more days than usual to arrive, thats not Plays fault.
    Before finishing this BEWARE punctuation.. seems much is not now allowed.. ta very much.. I know who to blame.

  5.  Unbelievable


    I thought.. how.. so cheap.. but apart from the black being slightly larger in size to epson original, it fitted.. and the blue different again but ok.. yes.. worked as well as new, so.. about to order more.

  6.  Some bad reviews.. but I thought it curious and hillarious.


    Watched this last night on a uk multichannel and I was hooked. Shame some bad reviews may put people off. Fact is there are still some `families` in rural `backwoods` English counties that arent quite the norm. but this film sets up a great atmosphere.. characters are great.. and I didnt know what to expect.. so the makers took 3-4 years to make it, depends which review.. and you cant know how its going to end. Kept me up until 6am. Now I have to buy the dvd to see what the others are on about., Making of.. should be good. There are similar low budget American films like this.. but how many Brits? I was thoroughly hooked from a few minutes in. So.. Ringwood in Hampshire.. one CAN make many films in the country areas look foreboding on film.. and they do in this. Lots of humour..all well shot.. I loved it.

  7.  Yet another remaster, but....


    While finding the new Blade Runner edition, I thought, has there been a recent 2001? I`d not seen anything about it, and to my surprise, yes there is. When from? 2 disc set. The boxed set second disc is the music, this issue on this site gives no info on the second disc. I`m always after production features, well, this second disc HAS them. At last, they on their own are worth the issue. I finally watched it all last night, a two night job. Most facets of production covered, film shot during production, and other staff interviews. Word to the wise. After the first docu, theres a lengthy copyright section from one language to another. Go back to menu and select second feature. After that its a straight run. So, I`ve still to watch the main film, and see if there are any real improvements.I`m still loathe to buy any more copies, improved or not. I`m surprised to read Russell T Davis is resisting HDTV.. why? Cost? Torchwood is HD.. I have a mate who has HDTV.. yes, wonderful, but to me.. dvd and satellite/freeview are clear pics, enough for me. I`ve been used to years of ghosting on analogue. Those of my age and older know the film almost inside out, yes, big shame if Kubrick destroyed the missing minutes cut for original release, in fact criminal. Kubrick was a private man, often didnt hear people talking to him, you talked through an assistant.. so, in his own world then. Well, it shows. We must not forget the methods used to make this film. As it was Cinerama.. was it not, shame we cant have it that wide. Being an ex tv engineer I used to get niggled over people not realising what wide screen meant. `But we lose top and bottom`.. NO... scan and pan is a pain. Will anyone come out with an extra wide version, maybe that will be next. How many copies have I got already.
    OK.. End of April 2011 and its been announced.. the missing 17-19 minutes have been FOUND pristine.. in a vault. NOW.. arguments whether Kubrick intended to make the edited film, we were told for cinema run.. or he thought his cut was it as far as he was concerned. WHY do we get different stories, different times from different people.. fans WILL want to know and judge for themselves.. so.. will someone `re edit` to put the `pristine` cuts back in? I would hope so. People who have rubbished this film can have no idea of.. spectacle.. this is a classic, and though it says Cinerama.. apparently wasnt.. it was shot wider to look like it. Cinerama was too expensive apparently. Well, considering how Kubrick made the film.. thats not surprising. So many departments working on different parts.. many rejected. SO.. we wait and see.

  8.  Devalued before it was made.


    I remember when it was first planned. In the sci fi mags, they showed the original designs which were superior BUT.. then the dreaded budget cuts.. oh dear. SO.. what should have been a worthy follow up to Babylon 5.. wasdowngraded to a one series cheaper looking sci fi.. yes, spin off, that should have been much better. Shame, I enjoyed it, but those used to the superior Babylon 5.. which itself was nearly terminated before time if anyone remembers. When I read about the follow up films to be on dvd, with limited known cast... I`ve yet to see one. Bab 5 WAS my all time favourite of all the sci fi series. Politics in space. Oh, too true and made one realise.. how history CAN and is changed for whoever is in power. One episode was from the future looking back at the anti governmental `rebels`.. Maybe thats another reason Michael lost it.

  9.  So far so good.


    Received card today.. package too big for letter box.. too big for size of card BUT.. after a bad experience with Sandisk.. this seems to behaving perfectly.. taken many pics today and no problems at all.

  10.  AT LAST!!


    Right, try again as I was rudely shot off the site..
    I ordered this cd after reading on IMDB Karajan had rowed with MGM over the versions of music used on the Soundtrack. SO.. there IS now a correct `music from film` Soundtrack.. and THIS IS it.. after all this time. I had ordered from a company who made an error, so tried again with a Swiss company.. Mache something. Worth under a tenner to chance it. So.. ordered, it was posted from Switzerland (?),, 19-2-09, and arrived here in the UK with German post label on it 23-2-09. Thats over a weekend. SO.. the cover says its the original music from the film.. for once couldnt wait to check, new headphones.. and AH YES.. Also.. thats better.. this cd has both versions of Also on.. the first few tracks being the film music..lifted from the film.. remixed.. so it says for digital.. and the last few tracks are the FULL versions from the snips used in the film. SO THATS why we got confused when we bought the vinyl version back then. Shouts at one point. So yes, the original was a con..due to MGM not thinking this would be that popular. SO.. first few tracks ARE from the film and the last few.. full versions, so we can compare what Kubrick decided to use. BUT.. Hal, on the end, IS the voice.. as far as i could tell, all of it.. from the film soundtrack.
    SO.. thats a plus. NOW.. I can see the film as I listen. Right speed, right mix.. RIGHT VERSIONS!! AT LAST. I may have left a write up on the original Alien soundtrack.. about the last track being available now.. maybe now.. we will GET what we heard in the cinema or on dvd.. NOT what the company decides to put on the `soundtrack`. Boy did we used to get conned. No wonder this confused us on vinyl.. this cd speaks volumes.. so.. HOORAY!!
    The second version of Also.. on my new headphones, the bass nearly took my ears off!! Blimey.. and the organ at the end.. NO.. but NOW we have the chance to HEAR the original again, and compare. Great stuff. HOW many years has this taken?