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  1.  Fantastic Hitch.


    No, it doesn't feature all of his great films, but the films it does include here easily make this set worth 5 stars.

    The Birds, Vertigo, Psycho, Marnie, Rear Window and The Man Who Knew Too Much are all classics. They're all amazing 5 star classic Hitchcock.

    Other great films in the set, Frenzy (his first in Britain for over 30 years), Shadow of a Doubt (often said to be Hitch's personal favourite of his films), Saboteur and Rope.

    This, along with the other boxset on Play, and you have most of his films from the 1940s onwards.

  2.  Beautiful Film!


    Highly under rated. Very well acted by the whole cast. Well written. Don't understand the negative reviews.

  3.  Amazing!


    Any person who loves The Beatles or wants to get into The Beatles should buy this. It's fantastic, and i love it.

  4.  Out of this world


    This album is phenomenal. Musically, it's by far the best thing they've ever done. And I'm a huge fan too. And have been for a long time. Muse fans should know that from album to album they've evolved. Complaints of "where is Plug In Baby?" and "where's Hysteria?" I'll tell you, Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution. If you want to hear those songs, listen to them. In songs like "Resistance", "Guiding Light", and the 3 part "Exogenesis" Muse are coming up with songs at least as good as those of old.

    Muse are a band that continue to change and evolve. They move on. Not one album has sounded the same to another. I'm sure the next will also be different, but it will I'm sure, like this and every other Muse album before it, be colourful and rich in sound, ridiculously epic and totally over the top. But Muse always have been. Listen to Micro Cuts or Citizen Erased. Why is it only now a bad thing for some people? Because they've become popular with it maybe? They deserve all their success for continually making the most exciting and fresh music around. Muse are the band of the 21st century and long may they continue to do what they do best, make the most insanely phenomenal music in the world.

  5.  So far, this is album of the year! Easily!


    I didn't expect this from Kasabian at all. I expected a very good album, having heard tracks like Underdog, Fire, Fast Fuse and Where Did All The Love Go?, but they're not the best songs on the album. Songs like Take Aim, West Ryder Silver Bullet and Happiness have taken Kasabian up a level in my opinion. I can't wait to hear where they'll go from here. This deserves to be huge. Album of the year, so far. Over to everyone else to try and beat it. Won't be easy.

  6.  Amazing!


    This guy deserves huge success. The best new singer/song writer i've heard in a long time. Supporting Kasabian, he was brilliant. This album is even better than i expected. If you've heard any of his songs and like them, i'd say buy this now because you'll love it.



    First off, if you've not yet seen this series, stop reading the reviews now. Some idiots give away spoilers. I wish there was some way comments could be added to reviews.

    Anyway, after a slightly disappointing (but still very entertaining) third series, I had wondered where the writers would take this series of Prison Break. Nobody could have guessed the plot. In my opinion, this 4th and final series is the best series of the show. It has everything. If you enjoyed the thrilling ride of the second series, you'll love this. It's a great series and a great send off of a super show. I look forward to sitting down and starting to watch it all over again, right from series 1. I recommend you do too.

  8.  The most under rated album ever?


    I can't believe this album hasn't received better reviews. I love every single song on here. For me, it's Feeder's best album. It's immense, it's incredible. Just listen to Who's The Enemy and tell me Feeder have forgotten how to rock, which was what one review said. Unbelievable. Great to have you back Feeder. Amazing!

  9.  Clint Eastwood's finest film.


    Saw the film earlier today. Was a truly amazing experience. An incredible film, from start to finish. Not for a long time have I thought 'I'll see it again next week'.

    In what is said to be Clint's last acting role, there has been talk of a return to a Dirty Harry type which is partly true. Clint's character is definitely not shy of saying what he thinks. Some of what is said throughout the film is hilarious. Funnier than most comedies, it really is. But it isn't a comedy, it's so very much more than that. At times I was laughing, others I had tears in my eyes. Beautiful film in every way. Thanks Clint, you're amazing. Don't stop making films!

    Best film I think I'll see all year, certainly the best I've seen for a long time. 5 stars, no doubt about it.

  10.  Wow. Something Special!


    It really is special. Chinese Blues, Quite Free, Last Words, Song To Self, Before You Were Young and Friends are among the finest songs Travis have ever written. It's different than before, but no less great than their old classics. Their last album, The Boy With No Name, was full of nice, lovely pop tunes but didn't have that spark that this has. Quite Free sounds amazing with headphones. Before You Were Young is the best finish to any Travis album. Travis at their best. :)