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  1.  Beyond belief!


    What a game! What graphics,gameplay,music score,storyline! (Im afraid to say that the ps4,xbox1 will have a big time problem beating this game and wont for a while to be honest,you sware it was next generation) The voice-acting was spot-on and the storyline was compelling and the graphics well you need to buy to believe! From the makers of Heavy rain and if you loved that game well this game will trully wet your beak! Such a pity that these cracking games only being produced now that the ps3 is supposedly finished not on this game for a while yet!

  2.  Los Santos baby!


    Look to be honest this is a excellent game,the whole setback of the city out to the desert and countryside is stunning and keeping the framrates high is full credit to you rockstar! There is some minor glitches like popups here and there thats cuz of the amount of detail but a few seconds and its gone! The whole new mechanics of shooting is changed so just click onto and shoot and the driving is more realistic and damage to your cars is incredible! The detail to your character is excellent to from facial reactions and movement when falling to fighting to running etc and the storyline is very funny and excellent to! The graphics are excellent but heres the warning do not and i repeat do not let a child play this game the language,voilence and content is really strong! But other than that enjoy the ride in Los Santos!

  3.  Maximum Armour!


    WOW! Is this a new xbox console game such is the graphics,no wait a minute its not is still the 360! Well from the water dripping,rain fall on the ground,running down walls etc,to flowing grass in the wind and that it moves when you move through it! The stunning cut scenes are incredible to say the least,the detail to the background in ship, jungle,sewers etc are nothing short than brillant! The weapons in this game are stunning with the aliens weapons at your use,but wait for the bow, now thats how you hunt. (This is what a xbox360 game should have looked liked when this console first came out not now when theres a new console looming) The gameplay is stunning the switching through weapons using the Yellow button,Red buttoin for crouching,Green button for standing and jumping,Blue button for interacting couldnt be aby easier and no lagging! Online is something different at last a fresh air from COD and Battlefield something move enjoyable and realistic! (though there is some funny things like some enemy running into walls etc but very slim,every great game has a bug) This game does deserve 5stars and thats a fact buy it and enjoy and prepare for A WAR!

  4.  Raaaaaggggeeee!


    Wow! This game is very adult theme so be warned but loaded with so many comedy remarks in it (had me laughing at some parts)! The game is like a shooter in fallout 3 theme but at easy level abut 6-7hours flat and at nitemare level i managed 16hours,so a short but beautiful game and YES i did have graphic issues but a download from xboxlive sorted that out! Graphics is stunning and the gameplay is fast anf furious dont really have time to aim and shoot just blast,the driving is mental and the car that you build can be a bit jerky at bends and jumps but nothing worrying! The voise acting and music is stunning with well known actors doing the voices! (if first time playing it and have xbox live download SCORCHERS mission you will love and the bolt gun the best weapon ever in any game) At the cheap price now in shops at less than 10quid cant believe that really its a steal!

  5.  The Nords


    This game is a classic for the xbox 360! (right lets get something sorted im noticing that alot of pc gamers waffling my computer better than your graphics of course the xbox 360 does not have the power of the pc but what looks a bit dated on this game is the same on a pc so the waffling is confounded)

    The game settles around mountain folk called the nords who live and have build cities,villages and towns thats right all in it! Plus the design of the houses and cities and clothing and weapons is astounding for detail on a console! The forests are a bit special fancy going deer hunting to improve you archery i dare you,or treasure hunting in caves to get rich but your block and swordmanship will improve there LOL! Just a very detailed game for a console and such a pleasure to play and the voice acting spot on,previous games have been a bit of the odd side to say the least,the composing music is excellent the opening song just listen to it and enjoy! The gameplay has improved a bit from oblivion but not much,love the cut scenes when you do a special kill worth the purchase! Game is proably about 200hrs of life LOL so be warned be carful how you spend it,lastly the online downloads is needed as such a huge game comes with bugs,graphic problems etc! The latest patch has fixed all so recommend you just download if xbox live,so now just sit back and play a trully stunnig adventure game!

  6.  Moral messed up!


    I will agree with last reviewer that the graphics are astounding,from the skyline buildings of dubai to the blowing of sand-dunes! You watch the footprints disappear with the wind blowing in the sand,the voice acting is great and the mechanics of the weaponry to sound,loading,explosions is top notch! (a bit like gears of war but who cares!) For the AI dont agree must be playing a different game,the enemy is very smart and will surround you to try and flush you out so then their snipers can kill you,or just bomb you! You must RB button your enemy and tell your men to kill and they will,so wheres the problem???? Also you go to your cover and let your men stay at theirs its only sense talking because when you run over and push them out sometimes you will be pushed back because they are hiding! This is only what happens in real-life folks,but the moral choices you can make will keep you playing it 3 times to fully get all your acheivements which are resonable easy to get! Enjoy!

  7.  Intense!


    (anyone who says this game graphics arent good are sniffing something!) The game is similar to COD in many ways only the destruction side in the game gives it the edge!

    The storyline continues from battlefield 2, its actually a good story about a USA marine who is suspected in helping terriosts in iran to attack usa and he gives his detail account which where are mission offline come from!

    The graphics are stunning and must admitt this frostbite engine is immense for detail and clarity! Ive heard fuzziness being mentioned HELLO! its in iran sunshine reflecting in the game. The deatail to the soldiers and weaponry and surroundings is just breathtaking,the destruction side to is incredible.

    The sound to me is more realistic than COD you can clearly hear the reloading of rifles and clips dopping to ground and sound of explosions and effect of them is amazing. The voice acting to is great no speaking before mouth opens.

    Online ive heard this is immense but really only on a few times and have enjoyed it but not a online fan just offline for me, so hope this helps you and enjoy a cracking shooter.

  8.  Acid for blood?


    This is the ulimate bad-ass alien to me,nearly armour plated skin and acid for blood WOW! The storyline of the films is pretty basic we humans stumble into the breed of the face-huggers and the alien takes a liking to the human race as hosts in all the films! But the suspence in these films is brillant! The blu-ray transfer is stunning and outerspace never looked more beautiful and clear and crisp and the backgrounds in planets and ships and the special effects looked amazing! The colour was so vivd and the sound well that was so loud! Wanna a thrill in space buy this.

  9.  Who needs a spaceship?


    This is one of the best scifi films ever made fact! The story of humans finding an anicent alien doorway travelling through space without a ship very cool! Once they get there they find other humans living there in slavery who brought them? who runs the world? With kurt russell (escape from la) and james spader (crash) two good actors that hold the cast! The transfer in blu-ray is stunning no grain so clear and the colors so rich and the sound is deafening! Just buy and see and enjoy.

  10.  The apocalypse has come!


    This film is with platoon as the 2 best war movies ever made now thats my own view! You have (marlon brando the col. gone nuts, martin sheen the capt. turned assasin sent to kill him, robert duvall as the surf loving lt.) The story is simple vietam in a nutshell a bloody war and soldiers cracking in it. The blu-ray transfer is brillant simple as there is no grain (private ryan take a look) and the battle scenes and backdrops so rich in colour and the music in it and sound is excellent also with extras we get in this package its such a treat for a low price!