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  1.  Perfection


    An incredible film to rival any attempt Shakespeare ever had at making a romance, and that's obviously saying something. This film is stunning, special, dramatic, funny, sad and the love story at its heart is beautiful and yearned. Definitely in my top 5, this masterpiece from Danny Boyle should not be missed- ignore the negative comments posted here and experience this film to witness why it is now officially one of the most awarded films of all time.

  2.  Beautiful


    Slumdog is without a doubt one of the best films I have ever seen. The reviews, the accolades, the hype, it's all true, none of it is undeserved. This is one of the most heartwarming and inspiring films you can watch. You're absorbed into the world of this 'slumdog' Jamal Malik, living in a shanty town of Mumbai. Every disappointment and struggle he has to overcome, you feel it with him, and you feel yourself wanting him to get to his destiny so much. This film is above all an incredible love story as he strives for the love of his life Latika, but it goes beyond that to make you want to both laugh and cry. This is a street-life tale that wells you up with sympathy for their situation, and exposes some of the harsh realities of some of the poorest living in India. At the same time this is definitely not about the rags to riches theme. The love that overtakes the greed for materialistic life and money is clear, and his reason for playing the game proves this: 'I thought she'd be watching'. Unmissable, unbelievable. Deserving for 10 oscars? You bet.

  3. Once



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    'Once' is perfect. This heartwarming movie will have you smiling, happy and awed. The music will have you hooked, no matter what genre you're inclined to. With such a simple plot, it's a wonder how easy it is to appreciate and love this film so much. The 'Guy' and 'Girl' co-exist in a realistic way that sets this apart from any other drama/romance film i've seen before. Set in Dublin, a busker with a shabby guitar meets a Czech looking to make ends meet and their friendship begins. Nothing much is left to be said, except that this refreshing movie should be given a chance by any and everybody.

  4.  Real, Terrific, AWESOME


    This is a movie that will leave you in awe, in amazement and genuinely speechless. The originality, vision and mind blowing cinematics in this film shook the world, and could set a new trend and way, of 1st person genre of movies altogether. As Hollywood's best kept secret, Cloverfield was kept fully behind the scenes, with the director choosing even to omit the name of the film from the initial trailer, stating only its date of release (18.01.08). The anticipation built for a whole six months, then this monster movie hit the screens to astounding effects. Too incredible for words to describe it and too unbelievable to explain the experience, Cloverfield really is from another world.

  5.  Excellent Road Movie


    This 80's gem only recently came to my attention, and i'm very glad it actually did. It can be described as a crime/comedy caper that has so much character and charm that allows it to shine and entertain flawlessly. The 'Run' suggested by the title is in pursuit of a single man-The Duke- who is simultaneously involved with the Mafia and inevitably the FBI. He is also worth a huge amount in Bounty, and it's from here that all three groups chase and hunt him down. De Niro's individual brilliance and constant cursing coupled with Grodin's (The Duke) wit and escape attempts creates an unlikely friendship that exists despite all the arguments and animosity each feels for the other. Midnight Run should be viewed for its comedy, its adventure and most of all, for its excitement and original twists that make it so successful.

  6.  My name's Forrest- Forrest Gump


    This is the film that had us all shouting 'Run Forrest', and 'Life is like a box of chocolates'. Yet, all jokes aside, this film is beautiful and inspiring in all sense of the words. Hanks touches his audience just as in possibly every other brilliant film he has made, and you feel connected, or sometimes simply just feel for Forrest, for his innocence, his lack of prejudice, and his deserving character and life. A must-see by all accounts.

  7.  Tragic yet Beautiful


    I had wanted to watch this for many months before finally seeing it on DVD, and was fully engrossed in the sublime story of Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy). Their love being ripped apart undeservedly by the younger sister Briony sets a moving and heart wrenching feel to the movie after a slow and fateful start. Set in the early 30's, the nostalgic and war torn elements add to the emotion in this love tragedy, while the guilt of the irreversible damage that young Briony caused remains with her during her entire lifetime from that summer's day onwards. As praised by a previous reviewer, the scene in Dunkirk is a masterpiece in itself, the director using a continuous steady cam throughout the whole shot to show the hopelessness and cruelties of the early battles of France, accompanied by a musical score that more than deserved its accolade for best music at the Oscars. The tale of Atonement is, essentially, a love story, but with the complexity and twists of any perfect drama story. The ending is incredible, a film that is simply amazing.

  8.  Gritty and Shocking


    This original genre blasts its way with controversy, violence, sex and drugs- all within 48 hours of storyline. Aimed primarily at the youths of the 21st century, it tackles the issues of the dangers and consequences of the disadvantaged areas of inner city london. Based around Notting Hill and West London generally, we see our main character Trife and his friends spend a day when school is cancelled. Their fights, actions, insults, crimes and life as 'delinquants' are mixed in with the girls they enjoy and the enemies they face, to explosive effect. A down to earth, distressing and disturbing story, it blows wide open the problems facing society today, from the viewpoint of the roughest areas of the city. That isn't to say it hasn't any moments of happiness and comedy, and the latter (hilarious scenes) are laugh-out-loud teenager scenes mainly involving the ridiculous Jay and the former happiness instances are just too brief to appreciate. All in all, Menhaj Huda directs a bold yet powerful film, with a tense 'time-bomb' feel throughout and with clever cinematography and backed by a ghetto grime hip hop track. Excellent through and through.

  9.  Enchanting


    I had never read the book before seeing this, but was captured straight away by the great feel and emotion in this film. Dakota Fanning was perhaps my only first motivation for wanting to see this, and while her performance is spot on as always (Man On Fire, Hide And Seek) the animals and all other characters contribute greatly, and turn this warm story to be suitable for both children and adults. Wilber the pig keeps you supporting him, Charlotte's miracles add a little magic and templeton the rat adds the comedy (with the two crows, of course). Watch it even if you're not a child, definitely recommended.

  10.  Phenomenal


    This film approaches the 9/11 attacks through the eyes of a single individual's emotional and physical experiences. Adam Sandler, as rightly suggested by many other reviewers here, gives the performance of a lifetime here, as good as any best actor winner has performed, during his flawless 2 hours. The growing friendship between Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle) and Charlie Fineman (Sandler) is never exaggerated or made unrealistic, instead true and convincing all the way. The psychological issues faced by Fineman are staggeringly conveyed to the audience via the sheer acting talent of Adam Sandler, making the audience feel sorrow when he feels it, laugh when he creates comedy and a constant longing for him to be happy. This journey into Charlie's life is refreshing, not merely for himself, but for Alan Johnson himself, who comes to realise what's important in his life too, thus discovering himself through Charlie. The priceless humour in this film comes from one of Johnson's patients, and with an all star cast including the excellent Liv Tyler and even a good cameo from Donald Sutherland, Reign Over Me ranks as one of my favourite films of all time after witnessing this powerful movie.