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  1.  Why?


    I really don't see the point in this, tried it and really didnt like it. The screen on the controller is pointless as you have to look away from your tv to use it without pausing or if you do pause you dont need to look down at it. All these "NEW" functions apart from the stupid screen are on every other console.
    Graphic are nothing to write home about, this is not Next Gen its not on par with the Xbox or the PS3, I would even say the vita is better. So I would say get a vita if you have a PS3 and you have pretty much the same thing. If you have anything like an Xbox 360 then just wait for Microsofts next offering.
    Seriously not worth the money and I really don't know why on so many levels. You can't even watch Blu rays on this sad offering by Nintendo. I would say to anyone just wait for the PS4 or Xbox 720.
    I also recommend that anyone with young children to avoid this also, sticky fingers on the screen and it costs a bomb to replace.... please stay away.

  2.  Great console but such a shame


    I love the PS3 so I guess you are wondering why I scored it only 3/5. Well the answer is that there just aren't many good games on the it.
    The graphics are lovely and the controllers are well made, but the lack of the rumble feature really lets it down for me.
    I am sure that in time this console will be the one to have yet at the moment, the high price is a big let down as the games just aren't there. Anyone considering buying one should really think hard about whether they can hold out a few months longs, until the price comes down and the games do the machine justice.