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  1.  Cannot understand why the reviewers are slating this.


    Ok ill keep this short and sweet. I love this game. The single player is solid and engaging the multiplayer is immense and parts of the game really are authentic (im in the military id like to think i know). I would recommend this to anyone well worth the money 10 out of 10 in all aspects of the game.

  2.  Stay well away.


    I don't usually slate products however stay well away from these. The first pair i received refused to connect to the receiver. So okay that is annoying but these things happen.

    I send them away and a week later get a new pair. This pair the speaker in the left ear is blown so it constantly crackles. At this point im more than a little annoyed.

    So i send them away and receive another brand new pair. This one the speaker in the right ear is blown.

    Honestly the worst quality product in the world stay well away.

  3.  Take two.


    Ill be honest i bought this on day of release and traded it in the next day. After being an avid fan of the first game i stuck this in the system and thought it was a load of crap. I was aproaching it from the wrong angle. Ive just bought it again and given it a second chance. It is a brilliant game. It is co op orientated and there are still people playing it online however you can make do playing single player. I think i went into the game originially with the wrong mindset. Graphics are amazing gameplay is solid. couldnt recommend this enough.

  4.  phenomenal


    This game is absolutely outstanding i remember when the first game came out on ps1 i was glued to it.

    They keep the winning formulas that the gt series has always had and dont change them. why not becuase it doesnt need fixing.

    Loads of new cars and different types of races to do.

    Buy it now you will not regret it.

  5.  Very dissapointed


    I really really wanted to love this game.

    But the bugs destroy it.

    at the beginning i almost threw the disc in the bin because ever 30 seconds or so the sound would cut out completely and you would miss important dialogue then it would freeze up for about fifteen seconds.

    how ever i stuck with it got through the first chapter and luckily these bugs stopped.

    magical so i played the game for about 3 hours straight and love every second of it.

    went out so turned my ps3 off.

    came back tried to play heavy rain and boom it wouldnt load because apparently "the game could not load my trophies." so now i cant play the game at all because my trophies wont load.

    whats even worse is now my ps3 refuses to sign into psn and loads of other games wont work either.

    and apparently this is a common problem with playing heavy rain.

  6.  sooo good


    will have u hooked for hours its amazing! gt but for 360.

  7.  What the games industry needs


    this game is amazing i have been waiting for a game like this for years now.

    every game i have played for the last few years has been a dry remake or copy of some other generic game.

    this game refreshes my enthusiasm for computer games. the storyline on its own is enough to keep me playing. the characters are deep and engaging. the graphics are gorjus and so are the sound effects.

    buy this game now!

  8.  Great game but has its flaws.


    this is a good game and it is well worth getting! however it is not brilliant.

    Ill start of with the single player. it is very fun however it is very scripted. well worth playing lots of trophies to unlock and amazing graphics are top notch.

    as i have stated bfore tho the single player is highly scripted and has next to no replay value.

    now we come to the multiplayer. it is absolutely amazing to starty with.

    if you are a cod4 veteran it takes time to getting used to . headshots are the way forward as it takes a significant number of shots to the body to kill an enemy untill you have unlocked some decent guns.

    like cod4 you have a ranking system and unlockable guns.

    however once you start getting to the higher levels of the game the team play goes out the window and it turns into a rocket camping noobfest.

    but thats ok u just need to find servers with rockets turned off.

  9.  why does this game get so much bad press??


    i really dont understand how everyone can slate this game so much in their reviews. i bought this game because i was bored and i wasnt going to because of the reviews but my friend talked me into it. well tbh i didnt put the game down till i completed it. i dont really want to compare it to gears of war but thats probably the only game out that comes close to it so i would say its like gears. i only gave it 4 stars because of some slight bugs in the game. these bugs do not effect gameplay at all tho. seriously buy this game you will not be dissapointed