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  1.  Rourke's Finest Hour


    In a few words, the "Wrestler", from Darren Aronofsky (the man behind masterpieces such as "Requiem for a Dream") is a fantastic film, and definetely Mickey Rourke's return of Triumph.

    Filmed in a "realistic" and raw manner, it portrays the modern status and downfall of a once famous wrestler, who is coping with everyday problems. The days of glory are nothing but a memory and his daughter doesn't want to even know him. His only chance to regain everything lost is a proposed rematch with one of his former opponents.

    If you are expecting a blockbuster film with your standard hi octane performances, then you will be disappointed. But if your want to take a glimpse at the raw world of wrestling and witness human everyday stories, gritty and real, then go for it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    The movie may have an "independent" feeling and it may seem underrated, but it is a true materpiece, worth viewing and owning.

    The picture quality is excellent, it manages to show of the blu-ray format, although there aren't any spectacular scenes and million dollar special effects.

  2.  Welcome to the Danger Zone!


    You all know it! The first movie that defined the term "blockbuster" and launched Tom Cruise's career.
    It may lag behind modern films in special effects and action scenes, but, considering it's age, the movie is absolutely breathtaking. Plus, it really brings up fond memories and the 80s nostalgia!
    As for the blu-ray version, the picture/sound quality is marvelous and a paradigm of how older movies should be done. Since I also own the DVD version, I can assure you that the differences are tremendous.
    Definetely worth a buy and an essential purchase for any movie collection.

  3.  Go for the DVD instead...


    Although slow-paced at certain points, the movie is definetely above average, even if it isn't Scorsese's finest hour. It depicts unknown elements of modern America's history, such as the New York ballot riots and simply for the histroical point of view it deserves a viewing.
    But, the blu-ray version is horrible. Honestly, this is -by far- the worst transfer I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone with over 100 blu-rays in his collection. There is almost no difference from the standard def DVD version. A pity really, since a proper high definition transfer of the film would be a joy to behold.