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  1. Sawdust


    The Killers - CD

    17 New from  €5.29  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.95



    What am I doing buying a Killers album?! I'm a Metallica fan outright - but somehow I've been turned - oh the embarrassment!

    It says a lot when a band releases an album of b-sides (which this basically is) and everybody assumes it's all bright and shiny new songs. The style of this album will appeal to almost everybody - it's easy to listen to straddles the sound of their first album (Hot Fuss) and their latest (Day and Age). This means that anybody who says "I like this Killers" will listen to this album with a smile on their face.

    Do yourself a favour - go and buy Sawdust - you won't be disappointed!

  2.  Stunning, good quality sepcial bits!


    What you will get when you buy this game (and this limited edition version) is a solid story driven and graphically eye watering experience. The case is cardboard that slips over a 'metal' case that contains the game disk and a dvd - this is the making of the game and contains spoilers and developer interviews. There is also a small book the same size as the game case - this is high quality and you'll be wanting to keep it finger print clear! (It's that nice!) There is also a code to download a gold plated lancer (it does nothing special - it's just a gold version of the normal gun) and multiplayer maps from Gears of War 1 - these have been polished up to match the quality of the new game. As with all Collector Editions this is only worth the extra money if you like these kinda things (and I do!)

    To give this game any less than 5 stars is like slapping Epic's mum in the face. How do they get it to look so good on a 360?! The story is truly epic and there was so much to see and do I took ages to get through it as I kept wondering about and shooting up the pretty landscapes.

    One reviewer here says that multi-player isn't as good as Gears of War 1 -- but I would have to disagree with him (although everyone is allowed an opinion) - Gears of War 2 multiplayer has new elements that stop some of the silly 'easy kills' that were present in the first game. For more info just check a review on any game site on the web.

    Overall you couldn't ask much more from a game - it isn't as fast paced as Halo or Call of Duty, but it doesn't need to be- It's Gear of War and it has a weighty feel all of it's own with weapons and that really feel like they pack a punch. Right - when's Gears 3 then?!

  3.  Why read when you can listen!


    It's Alan Carr reading an abridged (shortened) version of his book of the same name. But don't be worried about it being shortened - it only cuts out stuff that doesn't add to his story; what's left is pure gold!

    This is the perfect thing to have playing on long (or short!) journeys in the car or on your MP3 while running or going to the gym or waiting for a bus (thought it might be a bit embarrassing if you're prone to laughing out loud a lot!) If you like Alan Carr you're onto a winner - however if you don't like his style or his voice then avoid - cos you get an awful lot of Alan with this cd!

  4.  Most. Awesome. Guide. Ever.


    Everything you need to know about what to do in fallout 3. This book is a monster - it's hardback and contains a fold-out map that is seperate from the book - this means you can have the book and the map open at the same time (most guides put the map as part of the book at the back meaning you can't always have them open at the same time).

    There are mini maps on each page that details exactly where every item is - essential if you want to collect all the goodies that are on offer. I loved my game walkthroughs - i have one for almost every game that offers them - and this is the best by a long shot. It's head and shoulders above anything else out there. If you have fallout 3 then this is the only other thing you'll need except for caffeine!

  5.  A fun bargin!


    At the time of writing this dvd is £6.99 I saw the film at the cinema with a girl friend and it cost me £16.99 - which I think is still a fair price for a film that we both enjoyed. It is far fetched nonsense - and absolutely brilliant for it! It takes itself just seriously enough for you to sit back and begin to believe it might be possible (which is a good balance).

    There are some parts of the film that show it's true potential - action / shooty bits that the 'Wachowski Brothers' probably wished they could've shoe-horned into the last two Matrix films. Overall it was a good solid movie with the occasional silly storyline bit thrown in - but I've just bought it for £6.99 and you wouldn't be doing yourself an injustice if you did the same!

  6.  Brilliant and up-to-date


    Michael Creighton's book of the same name was a brillaint piece of scientific fabrication when it was written in 1969. This update sticks so close to the book it hard to remember where it strays! And that is a very good thing! One reviewer here said it has dogdy cgi and was a betrayal of MC's book... I have to wonder if he'd seen this at all. The best things about this tv/movie/minseries is that it mentions current, real-world events within it's plot-line and that helps keep it grounded. It has a modern fast paced feeling and I've just added this to my basket to keep after seeing it on Sky.

    If you have read the book and you are looking for all the brillaint details realised with up-to-date tech (like when the scientists enter the Wildfire lab) or if you are fan of sci-fi in general then you won't go wrong here.

  7.  Quality, Serivce and Totally worth it


    This is the only way to experiance online multiplayer. Without Xbox Live Gold you WILL NOT be able to play games with other people across the Net.

    The other advantages of Xbox Live Gold is that the service is reguarly updated by Microsoft to ensure that every facét is working to its most tiptop ability. This also means that you won't find cheats or hackers on the service (any that do appear are normally delt with swiftly) and this ensures that gaming online keeps its important elements: Fun & Fairness.

    I've been an Xbox Live Subscriber for 3 1/2 years now and so far it's been worth every penny.

    Don't forget that with Xbox Live Gold you can also play Original Xbox games on your 360 online agaisnt friends who have Xbox Live and an Original Xbox (like my mate who still refuses to upgrade beyond Halo 2!) ;o)

  8.  HD-DVD at a bargin price


    Nothing new to put other than to re-iterate what some other reviewers have said: HD-DVD is dying - but this is the best time to get into and watch High Definition movies (even on your PC! Thanx to the guy who mentioned that).

    The other important thing to remember is the HD-DVD is REGION FREE - meaning you can purchase HD-DVD's from Play UK -or- Play USA. (This only counts for HD-DVD's though - normal DVD's are still subject to region coding).

    I use this drive with my 360 and it acts as the extra drive - so I don't have to keep taking games out if I want to watch a movie (high def or normal - it plays both). For the price on Play right now (£29.99) you can't go wrong and the titles available for it are coming down in price all the time.

    A nice cheap way to experiance High Definition movies. :o)

  9. Tremors


    HD DVD

    1 New from  €9.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €14.95

     Time has been kind to this classic


    This film is a B-Movie classic. The sequals could never really live up to the humor of the original - mostly overdoing all the elements that made the first one so good. The story is brilliant Western / Sci-Fi with great characters that just edge on sterotypical but don't overstep the mark. It's one of the few films I own that I can watch every couple of months and enjoy over and over. (Others include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Starship Troopers, Matrix, Enemy of the State).

    This edition is a picture disk with only HD-DVD content (unlike some other's with have HD-DVD one side and DVD content the other). The Special Features pack in a whopping hour and a half in 480i/p. Like another reviewer here said - the upgrade to 1080p is stunning and brings it all to life. My other DVD copy of this is now totally redundant!

  10.  Briliant and edgy


    Korn don't tour much - so many people won't get a chance to experiance the raw emotion that a Korn gig can generate - this cd will sort that problem out for you - until you get to one of their live gigs of course!

    Turn it up loud, you won't be disappointed.